Influencer Veruca Salt has tearful send off to son Cash who died at just six weeks old

Australian social media influencer Veruca Salt has shared an emotional tribute on social media to her son who died at just six weeks old.

The 25-year-old, real name Kimberley Summer Hartley, gave birth to baby Cash on December 19.

But on February 5, Cash died in his sleep, Hartley wrote on Instagram at the time.

On Monday, she uploaded a video to TikTok of the funeral service for Cash. It was set to Taylor Swift’s rock ballad Long Live.

At one moment, Hartley can seen being consoled by friends as black and white balloons are released into the air.

A board at the service shows a picture of Cash with the words he will be “forever dancing with the fruits”.

Brightly coloured fairy bread and cakes are seen on a spread.

The video concludes with a black and white video of Cash being comforted by his mother and even breaking out in a little baby grin.

“Oh Veruca, if I could take even minutes off my life to give you more time with him I would in a heartbeat,” said one on social media.

“Rest in paradise with the dancing fruits, beautiful boy,” said another.

After Cash’s birth, Hartley, from the Gold Coast, posted multiple time showing her mothering her newborn with many posts receiving millions of views on TikTok.

But on February 6, she announced “with a heavy heart” that Cash had died.

“I don’t know what happened, he is having an autopsy this week but it is unlikely that I’ll ever have an answer,” she wrote.

“I’m just saying this because people are still commenting on my TikToks saying how happy I look with him and ‘just wait for the toddler stage’ and stuff, and I really can’t take it anymore. I’m really sorry.”

Just hours earlier, she had told her followers she was taking Cash to hospital because “he hasn’t pooped in seven days”.

In the post, Hartley cradled her baby

“My baby’s looking for the boob even though you just had a boob – he’s starving,” she joked to her 730,000 followers as Cash appeared to giggle.

After returning from hospital, the 25-year-old reassured her fans her baby was “fine”.

Little did she know, those moments captured on video would be among her last with her beloved son.

On February 10, the Courier Mail reported that Queensland Police were investigating Cash’s sleeping arrangements as they looked into the circumstances of his death.

However, police have indicated the baby’s death was not suspicious.

A report is being prepared for police by the coroner.

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