Influencer Skye Wheatley slammed over video of son’s tantrum in Kmart

An influencer has been slammed after she posted a video of her son crying while the pair were shopping.

Skye Wheatley, who appeared on Big Brother, was shopping at Kmart with her family when the moment was captured.

The star’s youngest child, Bear, was having a tantrum while in the budget department store, holding his father Lachlan Waugh’s hand while he screamed and jumped up and down.

He then fell onto the floor, and began to kick up and down. Skye told her son, who is two, that if he jumped up off the floor he could have the item he wanted.

“Calm down. Are you going to stop throwing it on the ground? Stand up please,” Skye said.

She then showed a clip of her son content, calmed down, and holding the item he wanted. contacted Skye for further comment.

Social media users had strong reactions to the video, with some defending Skye and praising her for showing the reality of parenting but the majority calling her out for filming her child and rewarding bad behaviour.

“Probably throwing a tantrum because you’re always putting a phone in his face,” one social media user commented.

Another said: “As a mum-of-three there’s no way I would have bought him anything by after throwing a tantrum like that.”

“Imagine feeling some big emotions as an adult and someone holding a phone in your face to record you because ‘I’m showing real life’,” another said.

One added: “This is such a ‘pick your battles’ moment. I get it. But validating his emotions and less engaging could be beneficial for the next tantrum.”

“I wouldn’t be here today if I pulled that tantrum in a public place. I’d have gotten a good one,” one added.

Another said: “Tantrums are a normal part of a toddler’s brain development it’s not a negative reflection on the parents or even the child behaving badly.”

“This is motivation for all the young immature girlies to take that birth control. Mum life is hard and toddlers can be fierce opponents,” another said.

“Film the kid rather than de-escalating, the situation and then bribe them into behaving,” one commented.

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