Influencer reveals how cheating can happen to anyone

An US influencer has gained over 10 million views by pointing out that being cheated on can happen to anyone, no matter how good-looking they are. She then used herself as an example. 

Caroline Lusk posted on TikTok and said that no one should feel insecure about being cheated on because it isn’t about them. 

“If you’ve been cheated on and you feel insecure, it is never about you because I’ve been cheated on,” she said. 

The influencer, who has over 70 million likes on the social media platform, pointed out that she wasn’t even using a beauty filter, and her bright blue eyes were completely real. 

“Just remember I’ve been cheated on, I’ve been cheated on, I don’t have the beauty filter on these are my real eyes,” she said. 

Caroline also said she wasn’t cheated on because of her bad personality and described herself as “hilarious and incredibly smart.”

Despite what a catch she is, she admitted that a guy she “would have married” cheated on her even though he had “wrapped around his finger.”

Therefore, Caroline concluded that this is proof that people don’t cheat because of their partner’s shortcomings. 

It’s tough to tell if Caroline is being genuine or using Gen Z satire to point out a universal truth, but either way, the clip has taken over the internet.

Some people in the comment’s section found Caroline’s self-confidence off-putting and saw it as a negative. 

“Very humble of you,” one wrote sarcastically, and others suggested that the man deserved better than someone who thought so highly of themselves.

Others thought Caroline’s opinion of herself was just self-aware. 

“I watched this the first time, and it gave me a bad taste, but then I realised those were my insecurities speaking. I love this for you, and I have much respect for you. Please continue to hype yourself up,” one wrote. 

Caroline replied, “What an emotionally mature comment.” 

There were dozens of comments from people admitting that while they found her comments jarring at first, they actually liked the overall message of what she was saying.

“I was so mad at your confidence for like two seconds, and then I was like, actually, no, you have every right, and I love that,” another noted. 

One wrote, “I love this amount of self-esteem; this should be the average for everyone.” 

‘Being humble is overrated bro… she knows she’s got it!” another praised. 

“Let’s stop hating on women for being secure and knowing their worth!!! Go off, queen; you are beautiful, funny, and smart,” one wrote. 

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