Influencer Rachel Dillon has ruffled feathers by wearing a white mini dress to her wedding reception

Influencer Rachel Dillon has ruffled feathers by wearing a white mini dress to her wedding reception.

The social media star, who more than amillion Instagram followers, married Tobi Pearce, who was previously engaged to influencer and fitness queen Kayla Itsines, in a lavish ceremony in Italy.

The influencer had multiple outfit changes on her special day and wore a traditional ball gown for the ceremony; before opting for a mini lace number for the reception.

The brunette looked stunning on her big day and posted a slew of photos on Instagram to share with her followers, but the mini-dress divided them.

Someone wrote that the dress was “too raunchy”, another said it wasn’t “classy”, and someone else wrote, “your dress is too short, not elegant”.

Despite the negative comments, plenty of Dillon’s loyal followers quickly defended the influencer and pointed out that it was her special day and she looked great.

One asked: “Who makes the rules for how women should dress on their wedding day?”

A slew of similarly supportive comments followed.

“Forget the negativity about your dress. I loved it.”

“Why are some women so pressed about whether a dress leaves something up to the imagination?”

“Absolutely gorgeous. It’s your wedding and you do what you want. Women here are insecure.”

“You are a bunch of haters. It is her wedding, and she looks beautiful.”

Bizarrely, this isn’t the first dress controversy to happen over Dillon’s wedding.

Fellow influencer Isabelle Mathers divided fans by wearing a ball gown to Dillon’s wedding welcome dinner. 

The Aussie influencer, who also has more than a million followers, posted a photo dump on Instagram that included photos of her wearing a floor-length, partially see-through yellow dress. 

Dillon had opted for a white mini dress for dinner, while Mathers had gone for a full-length number. 

People online weren’t impressed with Mather’s choice, and some labelled the dress “inappropriate”. 

“I don’t want to be mean. But that’s not an appropriate dress for a wedding,” one commented.

“Inappropriate dress for a wedding. Period,” another wrote. 

“The belly cut out for wedding? Just seems not appropriate,” someone remarked. 

“The bride is my best friend. You don’t think I discussed every single of my outfits with her?” Mathers replied. 

Others online were in favour of the look, with one fan asking: “Does it really matter y’all? She already went to the wedding/rehearsals?”

“Literally, everyone is so upset about how perfect you are,” another argued. 

“People are so lame leaving comments putting u down for wearing a dress,” one person wrote. 

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