Influencer Ella Maegraith reveals how she spends her six-figure income

Adelaide influencer Ella Maegraith has revealed exactly how she spends her six-figure income and why it doesn’t go that far.

Gen Zer Ella, 27, has pulled back the curtain on her income and how she spends it in a revealing TikTok that has amassed over 100,000 views.

Most of us don’t know how much our family members and close friends make, yet the influencer has revealed the intimate details of her bank account.

The influencer explained that she has no children and has the benefit of having a dual income, which means they’re in a good financial position.

She works part-time as a travel agent but also makes money from social media, which means that her income changes constantly.

She said she brought in $1592.69 from her 9-5 work, $3357 from her social media career and an extra $300 from completing online surveys in one fortnight.

She explained that her husband Nick is working as a junior lawyer and has a side hustle as a cricket coach, and from his legal work, he bought home $3159.56 and an extra $600 from coaching in the same time period.

Ella stressed that it was a particularly “lucrative” time of the year for her, and sometimes she’d go weeks or months without earning anything from her social media.

Still, she said that the couple is managing to rack in over $180k a year combined and is also in the lucky position of owning their own home.

Ella then broke down how they spent their fortnightly pay cheque and how quickly money gets eaten up between bills and savings.

She said they put $1500 on their mortgage, $200 towards their car loans and $162 towards upcoming utilities.

She also needed to put money aside for their $177 health insurance, $32 streaming services, $63 gym and $300 groceries.

Ella said this then leaves the couple with $5684 to spend how they please but she put $1000 aside for Christmas gifts, $3000 into their mortgage’s offset account and $500 extra towards their car loan.

The influencer was then left with just $1184.73 left to spend on whatever the couple wanted, but she said that considering they are now officially in the silly season, it was easy for that money to disappear.

“December is such a social time for us, so I’m sure this won’t go too far,” she said.

This isn’t the first time Ella has gotten honest about her finances. In November, she broke down how she and her partner spent $3428.26 within a typical week.

Ella clarified she wasn’t “proud” of spending this much in a week but chalked it up to the fact that sometimes things get expensive.

Firstly, the pair had their fortnightly mortgage due, $1783.04, and their bills came to $248.13.

Ella explained they spent $42.97 on subscriptions, $118.57 on eating out, $133.90 on petrol and bought groceries for $112.01.

The Adelaide local explained that they keep their grocery bill down by mostly eating vegetarian during the week because meat is expensive, and they shop at Aldi in another effort to keep the bill low.

Interestingly, one of the couple’s biggest splurges wasn’t on anything fancy but instead on their coffee intake, which set them back $69.85.

“I know not everyone understands our coffee obsession, but honestly, it is just our way to spend time together,” she said.

Finally, the couple went a little wild on buying home stuff, including Christmas decorations, and spent $919.79, which is how their week hit over $3000.

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