‘I’m shocked’: Kmart selling $900 Anaconda tent dupe for $199

A Kmart dupe of a luxury $900 tent has sparked a frenzy on social media, with shoppers declaring they had to buy it “immediately”.

The budget retailer’s Bell Tent, which claims to sleep eight people, is available for $199 – a quarter of the price of more costly alternatives at the likes of Anaconda.

The tent features three side windows, a large open plan to maximise space, a water-resistant flysheet with full seams taping, a power cord inlet and UVE 95+ per cent protection.

It got the tick of approval from at least one customer – who took to TikTok to share her review, which has since been viewed by more than one million people.

“Camping girlies, you won’t believe what I found in Kmart. It’s an eight-person glamping tent. Are you kidding me?” Maddy Bockett said in her video.

“Immediately I had to buy it and take it home, set it up in my backyard and test it out. I’m really curious to see how the quality is – is it going to survive in the wind? Let’s see.”

She concluded the tent was “pretty easy” to put together, but recommended having a second person there to help assemble it.

Upon doing so, Ms Bockett declared: “I’m actually shocked [at] how good this is.”

“Isn’t it stunning? I’m actually obsessed, it came out so cute,” she added.

“Honestly, it would only fit eight people if we all lay next to each other like sausages.”

Dozens of people took to the comments to weigh in, with many wondering how weather resistant the tent would be.

“I bought two so my son’s year 6 class could sleepover at the end of the year,” one woman wrote in response.

“Had two huge storms & was surprisingly dry! Just make sure you peg it out right.”

Another woman who had purchased one of the tents said it was probably more “water resistant” than “water proof”.

“I bought one for a festival and it rained for two nights and one of the days and we had pools of water come through,” she said.

“I own this tent. It is not waterproof. Still love it though after taking it to every festival. But beware of the water,” a third person agreed.

Others, however, were quick to write that they “needed” the tent.

“I want one! Even though I don’t camp,” one wrote.

Another said: “We need one!!!”

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