Husband became ‘brother’ after 15 years of marriage

If you have ever been married, you’ve probably uttered the vow “for better or for worse”.

While most of us assume this means the occasional row or tough time, one woman has kept her oath despite a heartbreaking turn of events.

Kris was 16 years old when she fell for her husband Brandon, with them being almost inseparable from the moment they met.

Despite being so young, she described her first love as “one for the ages” and the devoted pair sharing handwritten notes, CDs of their favourite music and hazy beach days.

It wasn’t long before the high-school sweethearts tied the knot, with the couple exchanging their vows in August 2006.

Just two years later though, the then 24-year-old received the devastating news that her beloved husband Brandon had been involved in a serious collision with a moving truck.

Though Brandon survived, he remained in a coma for two months and spent months in physical therapy after being left with a severe traumatic brain injury.

Now confined to a wheelchair, he struggles with basic movement, communication, memory loss and needs around-the-clock care.

Understandably, the couple’s relationship shifted from romantic partners to platonic over the years, and Brandon started to affectionately refer to Kris as his “lil sis”.

Kris also saw Brandon as more of her “brother” than husband.

She explained: “I think the word brother now better defines our relationship. But I will always carry his heart in my heart.”

Despite the change in relationship status, Kris stuck by Brandon’s side and supported him – but always wanted more.

Two years after Brandon’s accident, Kris explained she wanted to move on.

In a TikTok video, she recalled: “After two years of grieving and heartbreak, I made the heart-wrenching decision to move on.

“I longed for a family, children, a partner but I knew I would always love Brandon and wanted to honour my vows of caring and loving him through sickness and in health.”

Kris and Brandon were no longer officially in a relationship, but she remained his carer and legal guardian.

In 2014, Kris went onto meet James online.

She was initially worried about how a potential new partner would react to her situation with Brandon, but for single dad James, the decision was an easy one.

Kris explained: “James listened to my story and without skipping a beat said ‘I’m in’. For some reason, he decided that it was a beautiful story and that he wanted to be a part of it.”

The men met shortly after this, with the trio attending church together and James stepped in to help with Brandon’s care.

“I went to the bathroom and came back to see James’ arm comfortably around Brandon. At that moment, I knew what my future held,” Kris said.

It is not known when Kris and Brandon divorced, but Kris went onto marry James, and her former husband supported the couple.

James lives with Kris and Brandon, and he and Brandon have developed a brilliant relationship with Brandon joking they “should grab a beer together” sometime.

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission.

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