How to put doona into cover: ‘Genius’ hack will ‘change your life’

A woman has revealed her trick to putting on a doona cover with ease, and it has blown people away with how simple it is.

US woman, Ashley Paige, recently shared a video demonstrating her duvet method, claiming the technique was going to “change your life”.

She also stressed it would take no more than three minutes to complete the often dreaded task before proceeding to show others how it is done.

Ashley started by placing the blanket insert on a flat surface and then placed the cover, which is inside out, on top of it.

“Make sure the opening is at the top,” she warned her followers.

Woman's brilliant doona hack revealed

However, the next step relied on the duvet cover having ties on each of its four corners, a detail not all have.

“Attach using the ties and then all you have to do is roll from the bottom like a burrito,” she said.

“When you reach the opening simply push the roll through, grab two corners and just it out to fluff.”

She said then you can lay the doona out how you want and make your bed as you normally would.

Social media users were in awe of how easily Ashley put the cover on the cover.

“What are the ties? To tie the corners together? We don’t have those in the UK but it’s genius,” one social media user commented.

Another said: “I literally insert myself inside the cover with the blanket.”

“This is still suuuuch brain science to me I might need to watch on 0.5 about 15 times,” one social media user commented.

One added: “My wife sent me this while out of town in hopes that it would help me do the impossible and it did not work and now I’m sweating and crying.”

Another said: “I have successfully done this twice now and every time I go to flip it inside out, I enter into a fugue state. Somehow it still works (but I have no idea how).”

“The way my husband and I fight to put our duvet on is embarrassing,” another revealed in the comment section.

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