How to properly eat a sandwich revealed

The way you eat a sandwich can reveal a lot about your personality, it has been claimed.

A photograph showing the classic meal while asking “where’s your next bite” has reignited a fiery debate.

People have been split into three camps, with options including taking a bite out of two crust pieces or the more tempting piece in the middle of the sandwich which is stuffed with the delicious filling.

While some might argue there’s no right or wrong answer, after all, eating the entire sandwich is the goal – others claim the next chunk you take out reveals a lot about who you are as a person.

The image, which has conveniently lettered the different bite options as A, B, and C, has become the focal point of a recent video created by Adam Best and shared by Food Porn. “Before we talk about the choice between B and C, we can all agree that A is the wrong answer,” he stated.

“No sane human being comes across this sandwich scenario and goes in for the A.”

You've been eating your sandwich wrong

Adam said the correct answer was C as it wasn’t taking out the centre and helping evenly distribute toppings.

He said going with B meant a lot of condiments on your face.

Social media users had strong opinions on what would be the correct answer, with some claiming those who went straight for the best bite were “insane”.

“Anyone going for B is legitimately a psycho,” one lamented.

“If it’s not your sandwich it’s B. If it’s yours then C,” another commented.

As another mused: “C, then B. Gotta maximise the flavour down the home stretch.”

“I’m going C, not because I want it but because of how good B will be after C,” one added.

Another social media user claimed: “Small bite of B with a prompt transition onto bite C.”

“I’d set up for more B. So I’d take A and C off first then maybe take the corner leaving B for the last bite. End of story,” one revealed.

One social media user added: “I would start B but knowing that C will quickly be sharing that mouthful. I’ve got flavour in there and I want to add some crust crunch on the heels.”

“Not to mention if you have a beard, C is the only way! I think about this stuff all the time,” one added.

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