How to cut vanilla slice: Australians are cutting dessert completely wrong

One bakery has stunned social media with sharing the “correct” way to cut one of the most iconic custard desserts – a vanilla slice.

Ferguson Plarre Bakehouse, in Melbourne, revealed we’ve been cutting the Aussie staple “wrong our whole lives” in a jaw-dropping video that has since gone viral.

Many of us often cut the dessert from the top, causing the custard to explode out of the side, in what the bakery labelled the “wrong way”.

However the “right way” involved turning the dessert on its side before taking to it with a knife, ensuring the vanilla slice remains intact.

Social media users were stunned by the revelation, but many joked they’d never thought about cutting the dessert before.

“Why are you cutting a vanilla slice? They should be inhaled whole,” one social media user joked on TikTok.

Another commented: “Thank you but if I start cutting a vanilla slice I’ve given up on life I ain’t sharing that.”

One dessert fiend said: “The vanilla slice is supposed to cut easily because the pastry is crisp. This looks great and probably tastes great.”

“You mean I can eat them in a way that won’t squish all the custard out,” another shocked social media user commented.

“OMG this is not common knowledge. Thank you,” one grateful user commented.

One added: “You learn something new every day.”

It comes after a bakery in regional Victoria has been crowned home to Australia’s best vanilla slice after a heated competition.

North End Bakehouse in Shepparton won first place at The Great Australian Vanilla Slice Triumph in Merbein, near Mildura, earlier this year.

“We did it!” the bakery shared on Facebook at the time of their win, alongside a photo of its mouth-watering vanilla slice.

“We now hold the title for 2023 Australia’s Best Vanilla Slice and (are the) winners of The Great Australian Vanilla Slice Triumph!

Meanwhile the popular dessert also has Australians split over its correct name.

The gooey treat – described as an “Australian delicacy” – is widely known as a vanilla slice except to Victorians who all known it better as a “snot block”.

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