How often you should wash your PJs revealed

A doctor has revealed the “magic number” of times you should wear your PJs before washing them, but it’s divided opinions.

Posting on Instagram, Dr Jason Singh, from Virginia, explained why you should never go longer than three sleeps in the same pyjamas.

“I know a lot of you love holding on to your favourite PJs for weeks at a time, and I’m here to tell you that’s pretty nasty,” he explained, The Sun reported.

So, why is three days the max wears you can get out of your comfy pyjamas?

It’s because of “dead cell, oils, and other substances,” which can build up and cling to the fabric of your pyjamas, Jason said.

This can cause more bacteria to grow, which is the last thing you want when you doze off..

Although three is the maximum number of times you can get away with wearing the same pyjamas, there are some exceptions.

For example, if you live in a hot climate and sweat a lot during the night, changing them for a fresh pair is probably better every night.

Doctor Jason isn’t the only person who says you can get away without switching pyjamas daily, or nightly.

Laundry expert Laura Mountford, author of Live, Laugh, Laundry said: “Like all of our clothing, many of us may be guilty of washing our pyjamas too frequently, or perhaps not enough.

“But in reality, pyjamas should be washed after every two or three wears.

“Washing them after every wear, unless they are actually stained, smelly or sweaty, is unnecessary – a waste of money, water and energy,” she

But not everyone was convinced, and many said they wore fresh PJs every night, no matter what..

“[I wear] clean PJs every night! No exceptions. I had no idea people don’t do that,” one commented on the viral social media clip.

A second agreed: “Clean PJs every night and clean sheet every week.”

But others thought it was wasteful to wash them so often.

“Every three days is fine. You’re not out and about with a bunch of germs and sitting on public chairs, y’all are so dramatic,” one said.

“For me it’s usually three or four wears, but I don’t sweat,” another added.

Previously, one woman came under fire for admitting she wore the same pyjamas for multiple nights on the run.

Allison Delperdang on TikTok said: “I need to know if people wear pyjamas multiple nights in a row.

When I was younger, my parents always made us wear pyjamas more than [one night], multiple nights in a row because ‘they weren’t dirty’. And I still do that as an adult.

“I’ve worn these three nights in a row. So I need to know, as adults are we still doing that? Or should I be making dirty clothes every single night?

One person replied: “No, because I am wearing them for 8+ hours, they just don’t feel clean.”

“I never re-wear PJs … we shed dead skin cells constantly and even though it may not be dirty I can’t do it lol,” another wrote.

This story originally appeared on The Sun and reproduced with permission

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