Hot Cross Buns on sale in Woolworths on Boxing Day

One major supermarket has revealed that hot cross buns are back on shelves – with a nostalgic flavour joining the collection.

Woolworths revealed that hot cross buns would be on sale from Boxing Day, with Fairy Bread being the new flavour added to the ranks.

The Fairy Bread Hot Cross Buns come with a packet of hundreds and thousands, so customers can add as many sprinkles as they choose, like with traditional Fairy Bread.

Donald Keith, Woolworths Hot Cross Bun Expert and Bakery Merchandise Manager said:

“This week we’ve come out all buns glazing with the launch of our new Fairy Bread Hot Cross Bun, and return of our Cadbury Caramilk Hot Cross Buns, a customer favourite.”

“Our team has had some fun turning back time in developing new varieties for our hot cross bun-loving customers, with one more surprise still in store later in the season,” he added.

“Each and every year our customers show that it’s never too early for hot cross buns and we expect to sell around 1.8 million buns in this first week alone.”

Woolworths is also bringing back the Cadbury Caramilk Hot Cross Bun, which has been consistently popular with customers since its launch in 2021.

The Fairy Bread and Caramilk both come in a four-pack for $5, and are only available for a limited time.

The special edition flavours are in conjunction with the more traditional flavours, such as fruit bun and fruitless, which both come in a six-pack, and the mini fruit buns, which come in a nine-pack.

All three are sold for $4, which the Apple Cinnamon flavour also returns, in addition to the Brioche Cadbury Chocolate and Indulgent Chocolate buns.

Woolworths Gluten-Free Hot Cross Buns range also returns, with Traditional Fruit and Chocolate being part of the range and Apple Cinnamon making its debut.

The Gluten-Free range comes in a four-pack with a $5.20 price tag.

Previously, people have kicked off about hot cross buns being sold the day after Christmas has officially wrapped for the year.

And this year shoppers were divided over the knowledge that the Easter-time treat would be in stores on Boxing Day.

“The chocolate one are the reason I’m still alive,” one social media user commented.

Another said: “Easter eggs are already selling at my local Woolies supermarket.”

“Boxing Day but remember if people didn’t buy them straight after Christmas then they would stop selling them straight after Christmas,” one said.


“Christmas hasn’t even happened but I’m here for it,” another said.

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