Horror as Australian takes off shoes in ‘bogan’ cinema act

The “bogan” conduct of a Queensland couple at the movies has sparked horror online – and once again brought the question of whether it’s ever socially acceptable to bare your feet in the presence of strangers to the fore.

TikTok user Timothy Entwistle shared footage – emphasis on the … ‘foot’ – of the pair’s depraved behaviour during a session at his local Event Cinemas in Toowoomba.

“POV: You have a premium luxury cinema experience in Australia,” he captioned the clip, zooming in the offending hoofs.

“Should you at least wait until the lights go down?” Entwistle questioned.

Hundreds of viewers took to the comments to debate the offensiveness of the “uniquely Australian” act.

“Shoes off … but ffs (for f**ks sake) people! (Wear) SOCKS,” one woman wrote.

“Shoes off but with socks and a blankie,” another agreed, to which Entwistle responded: “Strategic.”

“Shoes off but after the lights are off lol,” a third suggested.

Another pondered whether it was a state-by-state situation, suggesting it’s “a Queensland thing, I’ve never seen it in Vic”.

“Maybe we’re just more bogan,” Entwistle replied.

“Without checking I knew it was Qld,” a second agreed, with a third writing, “Toowoomba says it all”.

“If there’s no one in front of me I feel like it’s my duty to let my puppies breathe,” someone else said.

“Shoes are on going in, then off when the movie starts,” one person wrote. “I am a classy bogan.”

There were, thankfully, at least some viewers who called out the behaviour for what it was – plain gross – restoring our faith in humanity.

“No. Shoes stay on except for the beach, pool or home,” one woman commented.

“I’m from QLD and I find it gross. Take your gross trotters and put your shoes on,” a second agreed.

“This is why I don’t go to the movies. Who tf (the f**k) wants to have someone’s feet in their side view?” a third said.

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