Horror Adelaide dog attack likely caused by stabbing attack on family pet

A dog who mauled two people had a tragic past which could have prompted the attack, according to the RSPCA.

The shar pei cross pit bull named Colicchi turned on its family in Adelaide’s inner north last week, the attack believed to have been sparked by an argument between the owners 39-year-old sister and 42-year-old brother.

The siblings needed serious medical attention after the attack, with the man thinking he was going to lose his hand and the woman requiring numerous surgeries.

The woman’s six-year-old child was also forced to hide in the bathroom while the pair fought off the dog, with the siblings pouring boiling water on the dog in their attempts to evade it.

The dog has now been euthanised.

It’s now been revealed that the dog had been the victim of a vicious attack himself, when he and his female owner were assaulted by a knife-wielding man.

Colicchi was stabbed at least 15 times, with vets needing to perform surgery to save his life, according to the RSPCA’s Carolyn Jones.

“He had organs protruding from some of these stab wounds. His injuries were among the worst that our inspectors have ever seen,” Ms Jones told 9News.

“I think it would not be a surprise to imagine that a dog that is the victim of such a traumatic attack may have his future behaviour impacted.”

Yelling in the home is believed to have been the reason the dog was triggered to attack, a sign that he may have been suffering from trauma.

The 39-year-old woman who was attacked by the dog is believed to have been on the ground as it began.

“She got dragged around by the dog, it was horrible,” a relative told 9 News last week.

“Her eyes were rolling in the back of her head and I was just screaming.”

Eventually, the woman was reportedly able to escape and locked the dog in a bedroom.

“My daughter had to hold onto the door so that he couldn‘t come out,” the relative said.

“But, he had his teeth ripping at the door trying to open it.

“He’s that strong, he’s lucky he didn’t get the door open.”

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