Hero overview, skill analysis, and release date

An upcoming new hero, Zhuxin has recently been teased to soon make her debut on the MLBB Advanced Server with the latest Patch Update. The release would imply she will be the 125th Hero in Mobile Legends. This new upcoming hero is quite unique, as she has lots of CC skill effects. Her speciality happens to mostly knock airborne AOE type of Crowd-Control. Without further ado, let us check out all one should expect from the upcoming new hero Zhuxin in Mobile Legends.

Mobile Legends Zhuxin: Hero Overview

The new upcoming hero, Zhuxin is expected to be a mage role hero with lots of crowd-control abilities. Her crowd-control capabilities are going to be more of specializing in knocking enemy targets airborne. This perk proves to be a very unique and ideal ability that can change the tides of the battlefield. Whilst her skills are still under development and unfinished in the advanced server. Zhuxin’s skill concepts have been teased in the advanced server.



Zhuxin’s Passive skill allows her to knock up enemies who are hit by her skills for a long duration of time. The passive mark stacks up by accumulating Soul Lamps when enemies are hit by her skills. After accumulating enough Soul Lamps on enemy targets, enemies would then be knocked airborne immediately.

Skill 1

This skill allows Zhuxin to release the accumulated Soul lamp from her passive, thus emitting a halo which covers the bottom area whilst dealing damage to enemies within the circle. This skill can also be used to stack Zhuxin’s passive.

Skill 2

Zhuxin’s second skill releases a special flower which can bloom as it has different stages to its use. This skill causes an epiphyllum to appear in the centre of the circular water surface at the selected location. It would then continuously emit energy in the surroundings whilst dealing damage to surrounding enemies.

Skill 3 – Ultimate

Her ultimate ability is a large AOE skill that summons butterflies which surround enemy targets within the area. These butterflies increase the passive stacks on enemy targets and immediately enemy targets with enough stacked marks get knocked airborne.

Mobile Legends Zhuxin: Skill Analysis and Hero Overview

Judging from how her skills work, Zhuxin is a mage-type role hero who is capable of dealing lots of AOE damage whilst Crowd-controlling surrounding enemy targets. Thanks to her passive ability which allows her to stack up marks that would later knock enemy targets airborne. This makes Zhuxin a permanent threat to mage heroes like Odette as the knock-airborne effect easily cancels Odette’s ultimate ability.

Mobile Legends Zhuxin skill abilities gameplay
Image via MOONTON Games

Analyzing her skills, Zhuxin’s first skill is somehow similar to Kagura’s first skill. She can easily move the halo thus increasing the effectiveness and flexibility of the skill. Whilst her second skill is somewhat similar to Lylia’s second skill as the blooming flower would erupt after some time. Zhuxin’s ultimate ability is also unique as it increases Zhuxin’s capabilities by creating a large CC circle. The effectiveness of her ultimate can be very crucial in knocking up lots of enemy targets on the battlefield.

When will Zhuxin release in the Mobile Legends Original Server

As Zhuxin’s hero concept and skills haven’t been completed on the advanced server, her release would take ample time. Coupled with the fact that Hero 124, Chip, hasn’t yet debuted in the Original server, both heroes will take some time to be released. It just might take a while before Zhuxin finally makes her global debut in the Land Of Dawn. Hence, players should expect her debut release in June/July 2024.

What are your thoughts on the overview of Zhuxin in Mobile Legends? Do you think she will be a formidable force in MLBB? Tell us in the comments below!

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