‘Hating your girlfriend’ Twitter thread leaves women horrified

“That phase where you slowly start hating your girlfriend is crazy.”

A single tweet has kicked off a thread with over a million views, thousands of comments and a concerning amount of retweets.

The tweet has unmasked the simmering hatred for women some men hold and the internet culture that helps drive it.

At first glance, the tweet looks harmless enough, almost in the vein of the viral trend ‘Boy Math’ that pokes fun of men.

“Boy math is being 5’10 but rounding it up to 6’0,” a viral tweet claimed that ended in women sharing other funny examples of boy math.

Yet, the conversation this tweet has spurred on is nothing short of scary.

Men have responded to the tweet sharing shocking and cruel examples of when they knew they started hating the women they were in relationships with.

The key word in this is hate.

They aren’t sharing gripes, icks or turn-offs. Men aren’t sharing silly anecdotes of finding their girlfriends annoying.

Instead, they are sharing the reasons they hate women and the kind of behaviour they think is acceptable because of that unfounded hate.

The thread has had an influx of messages, but there are two main types of response. There’s the basic level of men sharing their poor behaviour towards women.

“When you open a text thinking it is from the woman you actually want, but it is from her,” one tweeted.

“When she says ‘good morning’ and you just start feeling nauseous,” a man complained.

“When you start asking yourself things like ‘Why is her voice so loud’ even though it’s perfectly normal,” another wrote.

“When she keeps reminding you about her birthday, and it hits you that you have to buy her a gift,” a man vented.

It gets progressively worse from there.

Men aren’t sharing quirks and traits they find unattractive in women, instead they are revealing how they see women as lesser.

“I hate when women act like they’re so much simpler to get along with and men aren’t.,” one complained.

Before declaring that women are “boring” and unfunny.

“Like women are boring and have lame senses of humour, men can make a boring time fun idk, that’s just my experience,” he added.

Another shared that he “messes” up on purpose with girlfriends and gets frustrated when they keep “forgiving him” instead of ending things.

One man confessed that when they stop posting their girlfriend on social media it is a sign that they now hate them.

“You don’t post me like you used too. You hate me.’ Yea I do,” he wrote.

Another shared he knew he’d started hating his girlfriend when he began using a “burner phone” to avoid his current partner.

Someone else wrote he knew he’d hated his girlfriend when he started picking fights just to upset her.

“When you bring issues out of everything just to make her tired of you,” he shared.

Another said he knew it was over when her tears started bringing him “joy” when she discovered he was cheating on her.

One man replied with a comprehensive list of why having a girlfriend was actually a disadvantage.

He wrote that women drain your money and “resources” while swearing that “love” doesn’t cost a thing.

“They nag, trouble you unnecessarily, and they feel entitled to your valuable time,” he wrote.

Before complaining that most of the time, women were no longer “virgins” and would leave you when a better “opportunity” presented them.

The thread has just turned into men sharing the reasons they hate women and why they feel justified in doing so.

Young women online are shocked by the tweets and have taken to the social media app TikTok to share why it scares them so much.

Creator Addy shared her pained expression after reading the thread.

“The fact they typed that out and posted it was scary,” she wrote and the TikTok obtained millions of views.

One creator simply wrote the thread was “not it,” accompanied by a sad expression on her face.

Another creator shared that after reading the thread she was now going to bed “peacefully” because it made her want to remain “single.”

Someone else pointed out that women shouldn’t be surprised by the thread because men are “deliberate” in their “cruel” behaviour.

Men online are also defending the trend and comparing it to Boy Math.

“Boy math was fun and games but now y’all can’t take the comeback?” a man commented.

As if joking about a men exaggerating their height is equivalent to sharing the ways you manipulate your girlfriend that you claim to “hate.”

“Boy math is when women call out men’s bad behaviour and then men list their abusive tendencies as a clapback,” a woman wrote in response.

Both comments got hundreds of likes.

Psychologist Carly Dober said that the thread just seemed like a “revamped” version of classic sexism.

“This seems like a revamped version ‘the old ball and chain’ type of degrading comedy in which men make fun of and make snide remarks about their partners in order to achieve connection and status with other men,” she told news.com.au.

Dober pointed out that even if you wanted to say the thread was a “joke” it was punching down and ultimately harmful.

“It is promoting misogyny which can cause harm if the behaviour is continued,” she said.

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