Grand Hotel Mania celebrates its 4th anniversary with several milestones

The popular time-management simulation game Grand Hotel Mania by MY.GAMES is commemorating its 4th anniversary by achieving several significant milestones. Since its initial release in 2019, the game has amassed a total revenue of close to $100 million and garnered over 19 million downloads.

As per data from, sustained its position as the 5th-ranked game in the time-management genre at the start of 2023. Grand Hotel Mania additionally holds a spot among the top 5 titles within MY.GAMES’ portfolio, with its primary markets being the United States, United Kingdom, and Germany.

Grand Hotel Mania celebrates 4th anniversary with 30+ new characters and pets

In Grand Hotel Mania, the game offers entertaining and fast-paced gameplay that mirrors the hotel industry’s hectic nature. Throughout its four-year existence, the game has introduced more than 30 new characters and pets, as well as created over 100 costumes for its main characters, Monica and Ted. Additionally, players can access a variety of 32 distinct hotels, with new ones regularly becoming available as they progress, allowing them to demonstrate their strategic abilities and business expertise.

The Grand Hotel Mania team has always embraced a spirit of creativity and innovation, aiming to bring new elements to the time-management genre, such as merge and expedition mechanics, and introducing isometric maps, as well as two main characters that players need to manage simultaneously, along with captivating core gameplay and storylines

Elena Grigorian, CEO of MY.GAMES

Players take on the role of a hotel manager within Grand Hotel Mania, overseeing a network of top-notch hotels. This role offers them valuable experience in making critical decisions and efficiently managing resources to fulfill guests’ needs while expanding their hotel empire.

The management of key assistants, Monica and Ted, is crucial, as they play a vital role in attracting a large customer base and enhancing the hotel’s profitability. As players expand their business, they gain the opportunity to explore numerous countries, each with its own unique characteristics and themes, in order to establish their own hotels.

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