GP faces losing his career after he ‘had sex with string of women in his surgery’, tribunal hears

A sex-mad GP in the UK faces losing his career after a tribunal heard he had sex with with a string of women in his surgery, including a married colleague.

Dr Thomas Plimmer, while having a fling with one employee, showed her 197 videos and pictures of him having sex with other females, it was claimed.

Cambridge-educated Plimmer, 40, invited two other women he met on dating sites to his surgery, where he engaged in sex acts during working hours.

A Medical Practitioners Tribunal yesterday ruled he had sent an employee an unsolicited video of him having sex with another woman.

But it said claims Plimmer had sex with the woman when she had not wanted to were not proved.

Plimmer — who was filmed for an episode of UK Channel 4’s First Dates in 2018 — said all their acts were consensual and argued everything that took place was because of his sex addiction.

The tribunal earlier heard that he lied to two lovers by feigning illness in his family to “allow him to juggle and see other women”.

Mark Monaghan, presenting the case on behalf of the General Medical Council, said: “It was completely fabricated. He is a frequent, plausible and regular liar.”

On one occasion, Plimmer told his colleague at the surgery in Swindon, 80km west of London, that he had something to “cheer her up” with before placing her hand on his privates.

He also approached her with his trousers undone and performed a sex act in front of her.

And he threatened to “slit the throat” of a former girlfriend who was threatening to tell the General Medical Council, the hearing was told.

Accusations of abusing a more senior position and using his power over a colleague were found not proved.

Dr Plimmer told the hearing: “Seeking out sexual activity felt like a need, and I did lie in order to get that need met, and I was not honest with people to get that need met.”

A hearing next April will determine his punishment.

This story originally appeared on The Sun and is republished here with permission.

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