Gold Coast woman’s rant about compulsory shoe in gym rule divides Australians

A Gold Coast woman has revealed the “ridiculous” reason she was kicked out of her gym – but her complaint has divided Australians.

Kenzie Greaves claims she was booted from the Goodlife Health Clubs in Bundall for wearing slides instead of shoes on Wednesday.

After leaving the gym, Kenzie took to social media to vent her frustrations, explaining she has a broken toe and “can’t put shoes on” – but not everyone empathised with her plight.

Many gyms instruct members to wear closed shoes at all times on the gym floor for health and safety reasons, however it is not a universal policy.

But Kenzie felt her injury should have exempt her from the fitness centre’s rule, claiming the rule was “dumb” and that it should be down to the individual to not drop weights on their own feet.

“I’m going to name and shame because I think it’s pretty ridiculous to be fair,” she explained in her video.

“I have a broken toe with a toenail almost coming off, that I’m probably going to have to have surgery to take it out..

“So I cannot wear shoes, even just socks is so painful.”

Kenzie went on to explain as a result, she was so “just wearing socks and slides” because shoes were too constricting, adding she wore the slip ons while walking around the gym but took them off to exercise because “they’re awkward to do stuff in”.

“A man comes up to me and says ‘you have to leave’,” she continued, explaining her injury was the reason for her unusual footwear choice, but the gym employee wouldn’t take no for an answer.

“If I’m that dumb to drop a weight on my foot then it’s my own fault,” Kenzie lamented.

“So probably going to cancel my membership there because that is so dumb.”

Wearing enclosed shoes is part of Goodlife Gym’s terms and conditions due to health and safety conditions.

The rules on its website state that “all members and guests must wear suitable clothes and enclosed sports shoes in any exercise areas”. has contacted Goodlife Health Clubs for further comment.

Many argued Kenzie was in the wrong because of the brand’s clear Ts&Cs on TikTok.

“You become a legal liability, it’s not that deep, all gyms have this rule,” one commenter wrote.

“You can’t walk around any business without footwear on,” another stressed.

“I go to Goodlife as well and they literally tell you this when you sign up and it’s in the paperwork,” someone else added.

However there were many who supported Kenzie, claiming lots of gyms allow shoes off on gym floors, as it’s “optimal for lifting”.

“My gym encourages no shoes!! better for lifting,” one supporter remarked.

“Having shoes on or being bare foot, drop a weight on your foot & the outcome will be the same. Unless your wearing steal caps,” another added.

As one raged: “Everyone saying all gyms have this rule, no they don’t. How unfair!”

Kenzie later shared an update on the situation, revealing on Instagram she had ended her contract.

“New gym feels,” she captioned a snap inside the new fitness centre.

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