Gold Coast, QLD: Dad and daughter shocked to find worms inside chocolate egg

A father has warned other parents to check their children‘s treats after his daughter found wormlike creatures inside a chocolate egg.

Clive Henare from North Brisbane bought a chocolate egg, which featured wrapping from the popular children’s show Cocomelon, from Choice The Discount Store in Upper Coomera on the Gold Coast on Tuesday.

His daughter had eaten half the egg before she began screaming.

“She was in shock, tears and spit running down her face,” Mr Henare told NCA Newswire.

The little girl said that she saw some “white bits” in the chocolate, instantly realising they were insects.

“I was really scared, so I looked around the chocolate and found them moving so I threw it across the room,” she said.

“I can never buy chocolate eggs again.”

At first, Mr Henare thought his daughter just had an overactive imagination, but saw something disturbing when he looked closer.

“I looked and didn’t see anything…but then they started coming out of the chocolate,” he said.

“Then she really screamed so I just grabbed it and threw it out the window because she was really freaked out.”

The young girl believes that she consumed at least one of the creatures while she was eating the chocolate.

Mr Henare went back to the store where the manager apologised and offered the father a refund.

“I don’t care about [the refund], I just hope it doesn’t happen to another kid because my daughter was really upset.”

The store has also removed the eggs from its shelves.

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