Gen Zers are embracing ‘fur’ trend

Forget hot girl summer; it is time to put down your tweezers and razor and have a hairy girl summer.

A hugely successful TikTok creator has come out to defend her body hair in an empowering post, and it is the vibe we all need as the weather starts to heat up and our legs start to come out.

Spencer Barbosa, 20, has over nine million followers on TikTok and over 500 million likes on the platform, not to mention she’s amassed over 1 million followers on Instagram.

She dedicates most of her content to talking about body image, body acceptance and self-love, and she’s opened up about her body hair.

“Body hair is natural, real and more than acceptable,” she explains in a TikTok that has been liked over 240,000 times and viewed over a million times.

Spencer believes you should never feel like you have to shave for someone else, and reminds women that it is their body and, therefore, their choice.

The influencer explained she’s had body hair since she was seven, and grew up feeling like she needed to eliminate all her body hair to feel attractive.

She said she had finally realised she needed to stop “apologising” for having body hair and is encouraging other young women to do the same.

“If you want to have hairy legs this summer, have hairy legs this summer. If you despise hair and you don’t want hair on your body, remove the hair on your body,” she preached.

Spencer also reminded followers that having body hair isn’t “unhygienic” or “masculine” and is just something that everyone grows on their “body”.

She strongly advocated that women embrace their “fur” and stop feeling shame around something natural.

Spencer’s empowering TikTok speaks to a generational shift that has occurred over the years.

Millennial women were front and centre for the hairless movement, resulting in paying around $50 for a monthly brazilian wax.

However, Gen Zers are embracing their hair more, and it has become trendy on TikTok to celebrate your body hair instead of removing it.

Some young women are even bragging about how long it has been since they last shaved or waxed.

Content creator Calita Fire recently posted a video proudly displaying her underarm hair, sharing it had been three years since she’d shaved any part of her body, which she called a “flex”.

Similarly, popular TikTok creator Indigo Mischa is advocating for body hair to be normalised. She posts videos of herself in a bikini with her underarm hair out and proud to break down the stigma.

She calls herself a “hairy babe” and makes no apologies for not shaving or waxing.

Naturally, the movement is still being met with some resistance.

While Spencer’s video garnered a hugely positive response from fans and followers, some people in the comment section spoke out against women showing off their body hair.

“Well its definitely masculine,” someone commented.

“Girl your so pretty stop (sic),” another begged.

Despite the hater, it has become pretty clear that hairy is making a comeback and we are in for a “furry” summer.

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