Fortnite x Star Trek collab brings Kid Cudi as a part of the Mirror Mayhem event

Fortnite never shies away from collaborating with other big franchises. They’ve collaborated with other big franchises such as Star Wars, Marvel, and a lot more in the past and hosted many collaboration-specific events that have turned out to be successful. This time is no different as Fortnite is collaborating with Star Trek and bringing the popular singer named Kid Cudi into the game with their Star Trek-themed event which is known as Mirror Mayhem. The collaboration has been revealed to the fans through X but it turns out that it is not endorsed by Epic Games.

Mirror Mayhem will launch Kid Cudi’s new song in Fortnite

Not much has been revealed about the event yet but it turns out that during the Fortnite x Star Trek: Mirror Mayhem event, Kid Cudi will perform Heaven’s Galaxy, which is his new Star Trek-themed song along with other unheard songs from his new album INSANO. It is not known yet as to how he will perform the songs but it’ll most likely be through the in-game radio or during a special mini-event in Fortnite.

But the poster that has been released of the event also reveals that it is not sponsored, endorsed, or administrated by Epic Games. This text can be seen at the bottom right of the released image. This means that this won’t be an official collaboration on Fortnite but that doesn’t mean players will be losing out on much as this won’t be the first time an unofficial collaboration will be happening in Fortnite.

No characters from Star Trek will be added to Fortnite

Fortnite x Star Trek: Mirror Mayhem Kid Cudi event
Image via Epic Games

As this is not an official collaboration, the Fortnite x Star Trek: Mirror Mayhem featuring Kid Cudi won’t be as extravagant as other collaborations. For example, there will be no skins or cosmetics that players will be able to acquire as event-specific rewards. No characters from Star Trek nor Kid Cudi will be getting their skins in Fortnite but certain items or weapons from the Star Trek franchise will be indeed added to the current loot pool of Fortnite.

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