Former vegan stuns social media with ‘high fat carnivore’ diet

A woman who follows the “high fat carnivore” diet plan has left people stunned after revealing a typical day of food.

The former vegan took to TikTok to share a video documenting her meals for that day, The Sun reports, and started off by chowing down on an entire block of butter.

She then had “scrambled eggs cooked in beef tallow” (beef fat), adding that she’d gone for “about 10 eggs scrambled lightly”.

For dinner, she followed that with 20 per cent fat beef mince sauteed, alongside a further 12 eggs, which she’d softly poached – meaning she’d consumed a whopping 22 eggs in a single day.

The comments section was immediately filled with people marvelling at her unique diet, with many questioning what eating food with such a high fat content does to her cholesterol.

“Sounds delicious, but what about cholesterol?” one asked.

“Do you have to worry about that or just eat the eggs in moderation?”

“I honestly would be so interested to know what their lipids panel looks like,” another said, referring to the test that measures the amount of certain fat molecules in your blood.

“Dude my friends cholesterol or whatever was through the roof because of dairy, specifically butter,” a third said. “That has me worried. Like, stroke level …”

“I went carnivore for a few months and my cholesterol is so high,” someone else wrote.

As another added: “My cholesterol says ‘no’.”

Others wondered what the diet was doing to her digestive system.
“22 eggs a day? What???” one marvelled.

“How are you not chronically constipated?!” another asked.

As a third commented: “Farts so strong they’d yeet me to the MOON!”

And some people used the comments to warn the woman about the effects of following the high carnivore diet for too long.

“Extreme Keto/Carnivore diet can cause Gout coz you will lose all water retention and get arthritis over time,” one wrote.

“You need a small amount of carbs.”

“Life is too short for this,” another said.

As a third added: “Going to age at the speed of light!”

However, when someone else asked what the “point” of following such a diet was, another replied that it leads to “fat loss, more energy, clearer brain, less gut issues, less inflammation”.

“If the diet’s that bad, why do so many people feel amazing on it?” another said.

“So much more energy, no more gut issues, no bloating, etc.”

“Probably because they’ve cut out processed foods,” someone else replied.

“You can do this without going carnivore though.”

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission

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