Florida dad gets daughter’s friend pregnant after five-month affair

A US woman has lashed out after discovering her 22-year-old best friend slept with her father and ended up pregnant.

Joni Wilcox said the pair had become friends and the next thing she knew they were sneaking around behind her back.

“Then the stupid b**** gets pregnant by my dad,” she ranted in a TikTok video that has racked up 800,000 views, the New York Post reported.

The Florida-based barista has since appeared on Dr Phil to discuss what happened.

“It [sounds] creepy,” said the Gen Zer of her well-to-do father, David, who is declared to be 49 years old by the show.

She went on to deem ex-friend Gina “lazy” and “money-hungry” for sleeping with her dad — who lavished the 20-something with luxe gifts and exotic trips during their now two-year courtship.

“If he wanted younger girls, he could have other girls that … I don’t know,” said Wilcox, adding that her heart “sank” upon learning of David and Gina’s trysts from an outsider.

“I don’t understand that.”

However, in defence of her May-December romance with David, Gina insisted that their love affair is no one else’s concern.

“[Joni] is making these assumptions that I’m using her father for money and it really does p*** me off,” Gina said.

“His money is not why I want to be with him. Our relationship is healthy, it’s fun … I’m in the process of moving in with David. We have a child together — so it’s obviously something very serious.”

The new mum also noted that Joni’s viral video rebuke left her engulfed in a firestorm of digital derogation.

“I’ve received so much hateful messages,” said Gina. “I had people calling me a money-hungry w****, saying, ‘How could you sleep with your friend’s dad?’ and calling my child — that David and I have together — really disgusting names.”

She even claimed that cyberbullies have threatened to “come find me and whip my a**.”

But it seems Joni might have beaten them to the punch — literally.

“[Joni] went ballistic when she found out about [my relationship with David],” claimed Gina. “She came [into David’s house] with just her underwear and a crop top and gets irate. She was clearly high as a kite.

“Next thing I know … she struck me in the face.”

Joni refused to directly cop to clocking her former bud, however she did say of Gina: “She disrespected the f*** out of me.”

David, who admits to an appetite for women half his age, confessed to knowingly making his daughter feel uncomfortable by hitting on her friends — including girls from her childhood softball team.

“I agree that there should be a boundary there to not date her friends,” he said.

“But I also want to continue living my life romantically with someone that I’m with.”

It seems Joni has dropped her weapons once aimed at David and Gina — at least enough to forge a relationship with the couple’s toddler son.

“All the people freaking out because of a TikTok I made with my brother,” Joni penned in the closed caption of a TikTok featuring her and baby brother Luka.

“[They] would really lose it if I told them he was on Dr. Phil with me, too.”

This story originally appeared on the New York Post and was reproduced with permission

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