Fitness influencer defends ‘eating healthy’ while at popular Ibiza nightclub

A British fitness influencer has clapped back after being shamed for eating a “healthy” meal he’d prepared at home while at a popular nightclub on the party island of Ibiza.

The social media creator, who posts under the handle @gymskin, has gone viral after footage of him eating a homemade meal from a plastic container while visiting O Beach was labelled “the saddest thing ever seen”.

But despite critics condemning his decision to tick into his “meal prep” while on holiday, he’s stood his ground, defending his actions.

“In this day and age do you think it’s wrong or its right that I have been ‘slammed’ for eating healthily?” the influencer said in a video responding to criticism.

Man's 'sad act' in popular Ibiza nightclub

GymSkin’s decision to eat his own food while at the popular club, owned by Wayne Lineker, the brother of British soccer legend Gary Lineker, was widely panned by many who thought he needed to “enjoy his life” every once in a while.

“Honestly more to life than going the gym n eating rice and chicken,” one wrote.

“That’s the saddest thing I’ve ever seen,” another agreed.

As one stated: “So depressing.”

“Sad act,” one bloke stated.

In the clip, GymSkin can be seen stood in front of the nightclub’s recognisable pool, eating a pre-prepared meal as others party around him.

“Everyone’s popping bottles in Ocean but who’s popping meal preps,” he wrote on the footage.

But despite claiming he’s the “first” person to ever bring their own healthy food to the nightclub, many weren’t impressed, leaving a string of sarcastic comments.

“You must be fun at parties,” another scoffed.

As one lamented: “Looks a right barrel of laughs.”

“Wow that’s living and enjoying life,” someone else mused.

Many more implored him to “have some fun”, adding life is all about “balance”.

“Take a break mate,” one said.

“Give it a rest lad,” someone else agreed.

GymSkin, who has almost 650,000 TikTok followers, regularly shares videos designed to inspire people to embrace exercise.

He was previously praised for a video he shared to help any women who feels “unsafe” while in a taxi on their own, which makes it appear as if he’s on the phone to you, falsely making the driver believe someone is waiting for you.

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