Final Chapter enters global pre-registration on Android

Remember the evil villain Rod from the popular horror survival title Ice Scream Series? Well, he’s making a comeback for one last time as Keplerians Horror Games has opened the pre-registration for the long-awaited finale of the Ice Scream saga, the Ice Scream 8: Final Chapter.

For now, the game is only available to pre-register on Android. But it will be available soon on the App Store, as Keplerians said. However, no release date has been announced so far by the Spain-based indie game developer. The developers also announced a special prize for the pre-registered players. The reward will be available when the game is released.

Ice Scream 8 Final Chapter acts as a sequel to the previous game

The story continues from where the previous chapter ended. After rescuing Lis from the lab, all the friends are finally reunited in the control room. But the happiness doesn’t last long, because Rod has discovered Charlie and has followed him to the control room, where they are locked in. Now they must find a way out of the control room and come up with a plan to escape from the factory once and for all, the game reads.

Not only players will face off against Rod, but the Evil Nun will also join the party to make it more interesting. Players will take the protagonist role to help the group of friends escape once and for all from Rod’s factory. In doing so, they’ll explore and rediscover classic factory locations. Besides, solving puzzles and overcoming terrifyingly fun mini-games are other tasks that players will need to complete.

Players can start preparing for the fear by pre-registering now

Players can pre-register for Ice Scream 8 from their respective Google Play Stores via their Android devices. The game will be available on iOS soon as announced by the devs. The first Ice Scream title was released in 2019. The title hit more than 50 million downloads on Android.

Ice Scream 8 Final Chapter gameplay
Image via Keplerians Horror Games

Following the breaking success of the game, a total of 8 titles have been released so far. Collectively, the titles achieved massive success and were downloaded nearly 200 million times. However, Keplerians finally decided to stop making sequels, and the finale is here. This time, players can hope to escape once and for all from Rod’s factory and put an end to this frosty nightmare.

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