‘Filled with beautiful men’: Woman’s Bunning’s dating tip divides Aussies

A woman has revealed where all the hot single men in Australia hide, but not everyone is convinced.

Creator and mindset coach Ali Archdeacon just posted a “PSA” for single women and said the best place to meet single men isn’t on dating apps, it is at the hardware chain Bunnings.

The creator, who has amassed over a million likes on TikTok, explained that she was surrounded by a bevy of single men when she popped in there on a Sunday morning.

She advised, “If you’re single and looking for a nice partner, go to Bunnings on a Sunday morning.”

Ms Archdeacon said she was just there to pick up some storage boxes but was amazed by how many men were there. She even had one guy offer to help her carry the boxes.

“Just filled with men, beautiful men,” she said.

Ms Archdeacon also said that if a man is at Bunnings first thing on a Sunday morning, it is a good sign because it means he is handy and prepared to get on the tools on a weekend.

Single woman reveals Bunnings is better than Hinge

It does seem like the perfect location; there’s a cheap sausage sizzle, it is dog friendly, and surely you want to date a man who knows how to do some essential maintenance.

It seems far more appealing than swiping, matching, and asking someone you’ve never met before about their favourite colour. Who doesn’t want to lock eyes while trying to locate the 3M tape to hang up your paintings?

While the idea of falling in love in the gardening aisle has appeal, single women online weren’t impressed by the advice because it seemed too good to be true.

The comment section is filled with women who aren’t convinced that the men at Bunnings are bachelors.

“Single men aren’t going to Bunnings on a Sunday morning,” one woman wrote.

Another claimed that men are at Bunnings on the weekend because they are renovating their houses with their wives, and another said that “Sunday men” are absolutely married.

“I had this thought but then assumed their wives had sent them to do their DIY,” one wrote.

“Nope. It’s all husbands getting out of the house from their kid,” someone claimed.

Some people were happy to jump on the bandwagon.

“Bunnings, here I come,” one wrote.

“Agree! I love Bunnings, and you see the real men in there, and they smile,” one added.

“I love, and I would have to agree,” someone praised.

A few women joked that they wouldn’t be letting their husbands go to Bunnings alone anymore and one love vigilante took matters into her own hands and said she had stopped her neighbour’s husband from going to Bunnings after seeing the TikTok.

Other women claim that Bunnings is a good location to meet someone, but it is all about timing.

“Sunday men are married. You need to be at tradie hour, weekdays at 7am,” one advised.

“It’s the weekday tradies for me,” another said.

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