Expert reveals star sign most likely to cheat in a relationship

Have you ever asked someone for their star sign and suddenly their personality just clicked into place? Certain zodiac sign traits are simply impossible to ignore.

Whether it’s the entrepreneurial spirit of an Aries, the cosy homebody tendencies of a Cancer, or the relentless ambition of a Capricorn, there’s something about star signs that provides instant insight – even if you’re not a professional astrologer!

Beyond the surface, your zodiac sign holds secrets, from your deepest desires to the people you should keep at arm’s length, or even the crystals that can elevate your happiness.

Your zodiac sign also reveals characteristics which I categorise as high-vibration and low-vibration. The high-vibrational traits are what we aspire to, while we aim to avoid the low-vibrational ones. Combining a particular set of circumstances with a star sign with low-vibrational energy could influence their behaviour, leading them to cheat.

It doesn’t mean every star sign will, but it does mean we each have hot buttons that drive us to fulfil our needs.

Aries (March 20 – April 19)

This spontaneous fire sign is known for its unwavering determination and impulsivity. Aries often charge forward without thinking, leaving others in their fiery wake. At their high-vibrational best they’re driven, passionate and fearless go-getters – a trait that extends to every aspect of their lives, including the bedroom. However, in their low-vibration moments, impatience, stubbornness, and a disregard for others’ feelings can surface. This recklessness might lead them to inadvertently hurt someone, driven more by thoughtlessness than malice. But Aries aren’t always this reckless. They thrive when they feel like they’re in a partnership headed towards a meaningful conquest.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

This steady earth sign is known for its practical and down-to-earth energy. Taurus have a deep appreciation for the familiar and a natural inclination to move at their own pace. At their high-vibrational best they’re faithful, loyal and will actively pursue their desires – if they want something, they’ll work for it! However, when caught in low-vibrational energy, they can exhibit inflexibility, control and jealousy. In moments of perceived betrayal, they may succumb to their instincts, looking elsewhere to indulge their senses. But it’s crucial to recognise that Taurus remains one of the most loyal signs, as long as sensuality remains a cornerstone of the relationship.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

This curious air sign is known for its sociable and carefree nature. Gemini’s have a natural curiosity and thrive on embracing change, which can sometimes be challenging for those around them. At their high-vibrational best, Geminis are remarkably adaptable, clever, and quick-witted. They are known to keep you on your toes, both romantically and breathless in the bedroom. However, during low-vibration moments, restlessness and flighty feelings may take over, leading them to distance themselves, especially when faced with the prospect of deep emotional connection. But if Gemini meets their match intellectually they’ll be irresistibly drawn in and emotionally invested, even if their natural charm is geared towards flirtation.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

This sympathetic water sign is known for its deep sensitivity and emotional depth. Cancer’s often find solace in creature comforts, as they have an innate craving for a sense of protection and security. At their high-vibrational best they’re instinctive, imaginative and affectionate – a hopeless romantic in and out of the bedroom. However, during low-vibration moments, moodiness, feelings of hopelessness, and a tendency toward co-dependency may surface. If they don’t feel secure or supported, they might look elsewhere to create their own fairytale. But Cancer’s reaction to such situations would require pushing them to the edge, as they are inherently caring souls, seeking recognition and reciprocity in return for their boundless affection.

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

This confident fire sign is known for its boundless optimism and unwavering passion. Leo’s often take centre stage shining as the stars of their own show, but they truly thrive when they have the right stage and an adoring audience to cheer them on. At their high-vibrational best, Leos are remarkably generous, endlessly creative, and natural-born leaders. They have the charisma to take their intimacy with you to new heights, as long as there’s admiration and appreciation. However, during low-vibration moments, they may lean towards egocentric actions and become attention-seeking. But Leo possesses an enormous heart and will remain faithful with a partner who adores every inch of them.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

This diligent earth sign is known for its strong work ethic and reliability. Virgos often find joy in the details, seeking perfection in every aspect of their lives. At their high-vibrational best, they are flexible, objective and always willing to help. These qualities extend to their intimate relationships, where they derive immense satisfaction from being of service! However, during low-vibration moments, they may become excessively critical, envious, and harbour bitterness, particularly if they feel their partner isn’t pulling their weight. This could lead them to consider seeking a ‘perfect’ partner elsewhere. However Virgo remains loyal as long as the relationship continues to meet their standards and produce what they perceive as optimal ‘results’.

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

This charismatic air sign is known for its sociable nature and peacemaking abilities. Libras have a deep desire for harmony in all their relationships, finding immense pleasure when everyone around them is happy. At their high-vibrational best, Libras are not only clever strategists but also skilled mediators. They naturally gravitate toward making others happy, which becomes their primary focus when they are with you. However, during low-vibration moments, they may exhibit passive-aggressive tendencies and wrestle with indecision, causing them to waver in their commitment to the relationship. But Libra takes their commitments seriously, and as long as both partners can meet each other’s intimacy needs then there’s nothing you need to worry about.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

This mysterious water sign possesses a powerful presence and a secretive nature. Scorpios often navigate the hidden realms that others fear to tread, drawn to the mysteries of life. At their high-vibrational best, Scorpios are instinctive, analytical, and fiercely loyal. They also have a fearless approach to intimacy and an inclination for exploring deep connections, leaving ‘no stone unturned’ behind closed doors. However, during low-vibration moments, they may succumb to self-destructive tendencies and veer toward vindictiveness, especially if they feel their trust has been betrayed. But Scorpio isn’t one to willingly destroy a good thing. To keep their passion ablaze and remain the sole focus of their thoughts, maintain the intensity of the connection.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

This freedom-loving fire sign exudes a motivating presence and thrives on adventure. Sagittarians possess an insatiable love for exploring life’s possibilities, driven by a need to follow their heart’s desires. At their high-vibrational best, they are encouraging and enthusiastic, often ‘romanticising’ their life. This zest for life cascades into their relationships, where they fearlessly embrace new experiences as long as it promises a good time. However, during low-vibration moments, they can exhibit self-righteousness and restlessness. If they sense a lack of commitment and can’t envision a future, they may be tempted to broaden their horizons elsewhere. However, Sagittarius takes great joy in achievement, so keeping them on their toes intimately will ensure they’ll only have eyes for you.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

This practical earth sign embodies results-driven ambition and an unrelenting spirit. Capricorns are often at the forefront, embracing their natural inclination towards responsibility and leadership. At their high-vibrational best, they exhibit exceptional discipline and self-control, seeking partners who possess the qualities required to build something extraordinary together. This ambition and drive extends to their approach to relationships, as they are not content with mediocrity. However, during low-vibration moments, they may become overly headstrong, inconsiderate, and appear cold, which can lead them to seek satisfaction outside a relationship if they don’t feel respected. But Capricorn thrives on competition, so cultivating a partnership where you both ‘win’ ensures its longevity.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

This trailblazing air sign embodies a spirit of independence and an unconventional approach to all aspects of life. Aquarians are natural challengers of the status quo, driven by their innovative tendencies, always seeking to set themselves apart from the crowd. At their high-vibrational best, they are inclusive and visionary, welcoming new ideas with open arms, especially in the realm of intimacy. They thrive on keeping things fresh and exciting. However, during low-vibration moments, they may exhibit detachment, an ice-cold demeanour, and unpredictable behaviour, often withdrawing in a relationship if it becomes stagnant. But Aquarius is drawn to variety and by keeping things interesting it ensures they never feel confined – you’ll create your own utopia together.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

This enchanting water sign radiates compassion and imagination. Pisces are inherently selfless and deeply attuned to the undercurrents of the world. At their high-vibrational best, they are empathetic, highly intuitive, and passionately devoted to manifesting the life of their dreams. This includes their pursuit of an all-encompassing love, a forever person with whom they can share their deepest feelings and desires. However, during low-vibration moments, they may appear vague, tend toward co-dependency and occasionally retreat from their emotions by avoiding them. This might include seeking solace elsewhere, as they perceive it as ‘easier’ in the moment. But Pisces are ultimately in search of their one great love, an enduring connection that reaches for the stars intimately.

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