Eras Outfits: The pressure to get dressed up for Taylor Swift

“What are you wearing to Taylor Swift?”

Those seven words can send a shiver down any unorganised woman’s spine.

If you were lucky enough to have snagged a ticket to see Taylor Swift perform in Australia, you’ll know a certain fashion pressure comes with it.

Calling Swift’s Eras tour a success would be an understatement; when she played her third and final show in Melbourne, she thanked all 288,000 fans for attending the “biggest shows” of her touring career.

It is an occasion that calls for effort, but at what cost?

If you’re an organised woman, there’s a chance you’ve been at home creating homemade outfits and fleecing your nearest Spotlight store.

You are also the kind of person who always remembers to bring their lunch to work and wouldn’t settle for a bag of chips vending machine lunch with a side of whatever food your co-worker is willing to share.

If you’re an unorganised woman, you’ve scrolled through social media a few times and felt overwhelmed.

Perhaps you’ve tried on some Cowboy boots that fit you when you were 13, only to discover you can barely get them over your flippers these days.

The organised fans have been online documenting their outfits and sharing how much they spent on them, and there’s a big disparity.

Some women have just raided their current wardrobes while others claim they’ve spent hundreds, even thousands of dollars on their killer outfit.

Well, not everyone has blasted their air conditioning through the humid summer and is on a payment plan with Energy Australia, and it shows.

There’s no official dress code for Swift’s shows, but you don’t want to rock up looking like you have yet to try.

Swift’s whole brand is about trying, whether trying to make her romantic relationships work, trying to become the most successful woman in the world or singing her song called This Is Me Trying.

Fans have taken a note out of Swift’s handbook, embracing the glittery and sparkly looks that Swift’s championed her whole career.

It’s a hybrid look between looking like you’re attending a primary school dance recital and also like you might be a fairy princess.

There was a brief period when Swift was cancelled due to a leaked phone conversation she had with rapper Kanye West, and then she released her album Reputation, where she wore all-black to promote the album.

So, some fans have decided to embrace their reputation eras and are wearing a darker palate; they look like sparkly cat burglars.

Most fans attending the show have gone to great lengths to look their best for Taylor Swift and really embrace the experience.

They’ve made friendship bracelets, they’ve sewn on sparkles, they’ve planned their outfits meticulously in advance and they’ve filmed TikToks of them showing off their fits.

These women have poured hours into looking their best; meanwhile, all I’ve managed to do is not click the check-out button on The Iconic app.

The fandom has managed to turn attending a Taylor Swift concert into a full-blown theatre production with outfit changes sometimes included.

There’s no chance of getting lost on the way to a Swift concert because, at this point, you have to follow the sparkles.

It is very exciting to see but totally exhausting to participate in. You can admire the lengths fans have gone to while also feeling like you’re not up to the task yourself.

Some of us must admit defeat, throw on our best T-shirts, and head to the show, ready to scream our lungs out while not looking our best.

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