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PUBG Mobile or BGMI is yet to introduce the A6 Royal Pass into the game but the reward list is already out. The title is celebrating its 6th anniversary this year and thus celebrates the milestone with exceptional rewards for the players. I took a close look at the tier list and free rewards. Besides, the premium reward list is also available to take a look at. The latest 3.1 update was revealed just a month before and now we can get to take a look at our upcoming anniversary royal pass as well.

PUBG Mobile or BGMI A6 Royal Pass: Tier List and Rewards

PUBG Mobile or BGMI A6 Royal Pass rewards
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The royal pass is given the name “Endless Sand” which bears a theme of Arabian Deserts. Among the outfits, there are two special and featured outfits coming in this royal pass. One will be a mythic outfit named Dread Doc Set which is based on male characters while the legendary outfit named Skyreign Set is based on female characters. Apart from these, there will be also weapon finishes and a Speedboat skin named Violet Venture.

The Tier Rewards for this royal pass is also available but we do not know the names yet. However, here is a picture of the tier list rewards you can check. After reaching each tier, a new reward will unlock. All the rewards including Conqueror Avatar Frame, Parachute, M249 Skin, and outfits will come with C6S17 branding on them just like each season’s tier rewards come.

Skyreign Cover and Headgear PUBG Mobile or BGMI A6 Royal Pass
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Mythic Outfits, Guns, and Vehicle Skins

I listed the most attractive reward items here. Apart from these, PUBG Mobile or BGMI continues to provide regular gift items in each level of this A6 Royal Pass. Let’s take a look at what we are going to get.

Elite Pass Rewards

  • Skyreign Cover and Headgear (Level 1)
  • Lethal Loadout – VSS (Level 10)
  • Violet Venture Plane Finish (Level 15)
  • Bygone Realm Helmet (Level 20)
  • Dread Doc Groza, Dread Doc emote (Level 30)
  • Dread Doc Mask, Dread Doc Set (Level 39)
  • Lilac Finess – Thompson SMG (Level 50)
  • Shrouded Specter R189 (Level 55)
  • Bygone Realm Backpack (Level 60)
  • RP Avatar (A6) and Stealth Dagger Ornament (Level 65)
  • Violet Venture Jet Ski (Level 70)
  • Purple Prowess Stun Grenade and Lilac Finesse Emote (Level 80)
  • Mystic Marvel M16A4 (Level 90)
  • Lilac Finesse Set (Level 100)
Dred Doc set in PUBG Mobile or BGMI A6 Royal Pass cover
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Free Pass Rewards

  • Cheery Beat Emote (Level 15)
  • Eclipse Ensemble Parachute (Level 25)
  • Listening In Emote (Level 55)
  • Limit Breaker Cover (Level 69)
  • Limit Breaker Set (Level 70)
  • Street Arcade – UMP45 (Level 81)
Victory Dance emote in PUBG Mobile or BGMI A6 Royal Pass
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PUBG Mobile or BGMI A6 Royal Pass: Redeem Section Rewards

Exclusive emotes and items in the Royale Pass Redeem Section are also available. Let’s take a look at what this offers.

Lilac Finess - Thompson SMG in PUBG Mobile or BGMI A6 Royal Pass
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  • Victory Dance (A6)
  • Dual Slash Emote
  • Toxic Tonic Grenade
  • Violet Venture Wingman finish
  • A6 Avatar Frame

The A6 Royal Pass can be obtained by spending 720 UC for the Premium Pass while the Elite Pass Plus costs 1920 UC.

So, while I enjoyed so much about the upcoming rewards, I thought to list it down so that you can take a look into it as well. Besides, I want all of them in my inventory and surely so do you. However, get ready to embark on a great journey with this PUBG Mobile OR BGMI A6 Royal Pass.

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