Elegant fashion prevails at Golden Slipper

Vibrant colours, patterns and styles have graced the opening of the Golden Slipper, with fashions on the field stealing the show from the outset.

The typical scandal-loving fashion of Sydney racing was nowhere to be seen, with the abundance of attendees swapping out skin-tight for sophisticated.

Timeless, modest dresses reigned supreme – without sacrificing the creativity and edge that qualifies racing fashion.

The tone of the day was defined by the popping hues the racegoers were decked out in, with few people playing it safe in black or white.

Many revellers favoured shades of pink for their racing finery, with warm tones of magenta and fuchsia featuring in many outfits of the day.

In a departure from the bright hues that dominated racing fashion in 2022 and 2023, pastels were a popular choice and a soft, cantaloupe shade of orange proved all the rage among the ladies.

While suit-wearers typically have less creative bandwidth with racing outfits, many blokes were still able to add their own twists to their outfits with personalised accents including sunglasses, watches, hats and bow ties.

One gentlemen even chose to accessorise with a cane, adding a sophisticated and timeless edge to a classically-styled cream suit.

Despite the Sydney sun neglecting to shine too brightly, plenty of outfits were also smartly styled with hats, ranging from akubras to fascinators to trilbies – all expertly tailored.

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