eFootball 2024 Season 2 version 3.1.0 update arrives with a new Campaign, Manager Booster, and more

The arrival of KONAMI’s eFootball 2024 Season 2 version 3.1.0 update has brought some amazing introductions, giving an exciting start to the month of October. Titled Elevate the Excitement, this new season brings enticing campaigns and rewards and a host of other excellent additions in Manager Booster and brand new Epic Cards to elevate your gaming experience. So let us look in detail what are the new additions and updates that are coming with the eFootball 2024 Season 2 version 3.1.0 update.

Manager Booster

You may already be familiar with Player Boosters by now. This innovative feature was introduced with the new 2024 update designed to enhance individual Player Stats, allowing players to surpass the conventional limit of 99 and unlock new levels of performance for a player. However, this new update features an even more interesting booster style, featuring the Managers.

eFootball 2024 manager booster
Image via KONAMI

This feature, called the Manager Booster, has made its debut with this update, which will help positively impact the team’s gameplay by boosting specific player attributes. It will work the same way as the Player Boosters but with slight changes. For example, if a manager possesses a Passing Booster, it will lead to an improvement in the entire team’s passing abilities.

AFC Champions League Campaign

Another noteworthy highlight of this update is the expansion of league licenses, with particular emphasis on the AFC Champions League for the 23/24 season. This development promises to bring some iconic players into the tournament, including the likes of Neymar, Ronaldo, and many others, who will be available as featured cards as well if they deliver excellent performances.

AFC Champions League Campaign
Image via KONAMI

To commemorate this exciting update, they’ve launched a special login campaign. By logging into the game seven times during each campaign period, players can earn up to a maximum of 100 eFootball Coins and a substantial 360,000 GP. Login Bonus Details are as follows.

  • Login 1: 30,000 GP
  • Login 2: 30,000 GP
  • Login 3: 30,000 GP
  • Login 4: 30,000 GP
  • Login 5: 50 eFootball™ Coins
  • Login 6: 30,000 GP
  • Login 7: 30,000 GP

What’s more is that we will have campaign objectives with 220,000 GP and 40,000 EXP on offer, a special themed event, and a unique challenge event, all centered around the AFC Champions League.

New Epic Cards

eFootball 2024 epic cards
Image via KONAMI

The addition of new Epic Cards is always a welcome sight for players. In this latest update, they’ve unveiled four exciting new player cards: Ribery from Bayern, Czech’s Nedved, Guardiola from FC Barca, and the Brazilian legend Zico. Tulio and Xabi Alonso are also among the cards to arrive, so these new cards promise to bring fresh excitement and strategic options to the game, and most likely be arriving soon.

Match Pass

Match Pass has been updated, and sadly, we don’t have the introductory offer anymore. However, Man City’s Doku will be featured in the Value Pass, whereas Monaco’s Denis Zakaria will be featured in the Premium Match Pass, with other fantastic rewards.

Match Pass Type Contents
Regular Match Pass 124,000 Exp
3★ Nominating Contract x1
4★ Nominating Contract x2
5★ Nominating Contract x1
Contract Renewal (10 Days) x3
Value Match Pass Bonus Player: J. Doku (Highlight Player Card Type)
142,000 Exp
200 eFootball Coins
3★ Nominating Contract x1
4★ Nominating Contract x2
5★ Nominating Contract x1
Contract Renewal (10 Days) x3
Premium Match Pass Bonus Player: D. Zakaria (Highlight Player Card Type)
362,000 Exp
300 eFootball Coins,
3★ Nominating Contract x2
4★ Nominating Contract x4
5★ Nominating Contract x2
Contract Renewal (10 Days) x4

Other Updates

Some fixes and tweaks have been done, with a couple of new small yet important features. To prevent accidental player releases, a new checkbox will now appear when attempting to release non-Standard players. Additionally, a notification system has been implemented to alert you when Nominating Contracts are nearing their expiration.

What are your thoughts on the eFootball 2024 Season 2 version 3.1.0 update? Are you excited about the events and features? Do let us know in the comments below!

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