Edenight, an idle RPG from Loongcheer Game, begins its open beta test for Android

Loongcheer Game has announced the commencement of the open beta test for Edenight: Idle RPG on Android devices. The game, a captivating 2D anime experience, unfolds in a world besieged by a viral invasion. Players assume the roles of extraordinary girls endowed with unique abilities, embarking on a quest to rescue humanity from the verge of destruction.

In the planet of Wanderland, characterized by its coziness and livability, people have harnessed “Ore” to create anti-gravity systems, facilitating personal flying devices and sky tracks, ushering in a long-awaited era of freedom. However, the arrival of the foreign virus, Reaper, marked the onset of an apocalypse. The Reaper infiltrated the human world, turning countless individuals into bloodthirsty adversaries. The once-vibrant blue planet transformed into a death-ridden wasteland, throwing the world into chaos.

Yet, amidst the darkest hour, a glimmer of hope emerges. Some humans infected by the Reaper managed to retain their consciousness, with their genes seamlessly merging with the virus, awakening genetic abilities. Guided by these individuals, humanity rekindles hope. Now, players are tasked with leading the girls and defying fate.

Edenight: Idle RPG Open Beta Test will showcase a true feast for anime art fans along with a fun gameplay system

Players can immerse themselves in the beautifully designed and captivatingly animated characters that epitomize the essence of the 2D anime style. Every detail is meticulously crafted, providing a visual delight for genre enthusiasts. The vivid battle animations remain a highlight, bringing each clash to life with stunning visuals and exhilarating action. The thrill of unleashing powerful skills and witnessing dynamic combat sequences awaits.

Edenight Idle RPG Open Beta test
Image via Loongcheer Game

Edenight: Idle RPG introduces a comprehensive cultivation system, allowing players to meticulously nurture their characters and unlock their full potential. Upgrading and starring up characters, unlocking talents and skills, and equipping chips and runes enable the creation of a formidable team capable of facing any challenge.

The game offers an entertaining and engaging gameplay system, encouraging players to take on interactive challenges, embark on quests, participate in events, and reap the rewards of their efforts. Edenight: Idle RPG ensures that every moment spent in its virtual world is enjoyable and rewarding.

For those in search of a relaxing gaming experience, Edenight: Idle RPG proves to be the perfect choice, as its idle mechanics enable progress and goal achievement even when players are away, with characters growing stronger with each passing moment. Interested players can join the Edenight: Idle RPG open beta test on Android.

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