Dyson WashG1: Tech-giant unveils new floor cleaner for Aussie homes

Dyson has unveiled a new “2-in-1” product which mops and picks up dry debris at the same time in response to the growing shift away from carpets in Australian homes.

The British company revealed that 67 per cent of Aussie homes had hard flooring, while 94 per cent of homes globally had either all hard floors or a combination of hard floors and carpets.

This switch away from carpets towards wood and tiles has created a new household problem – having to both vacuum and mop – prompting the tech-giant to unveil its first, dedicated wet floor vacuum.

The Wash G1 has two highly absorbent microfibre filament rollers that counter-rotate to clean hard floors.

This is used alongside new separation technology that divides the debris and dirty water into separate compartments, making disposal hygienic and easy to perform.

“Most of us vacuum our homes regularly. But whilst wet cleaning is considered a necessary chore globally, many of us don’t know why we do it beyond the vague notion of hygiene,” Charlie Park, vice president of new product development at Dyson Home, said.

“In fact, cleaning with water is essential to rehydrate and remove tough, dried-on stains. Over the years, a vast array of wet floor cleaning formats have emerged to help us tackle this chore yet users’ expectations are often left unfulfilled when it comes to stain removal, pick-up performance and floor finish.”

Dyson's new mop vacuum

Mr Park added that Dyson thrives on “solving the problems others ignore”, declaring the WashG1 – which retails for $999 – is the result of the brand’s constant challenge to fix common household issues.

The WashG1 has a one-litre clean-water tank which uses cold water and can, according to Dyson, mop up to 290sq m of flooring. It also has a visible dirty-water tank, deliberately placed where users can see it, to show how filthy floors really are.

Its debris tray is just as confronting when pulled out from underneath the WashG1’s power head.

Dyson also said it had designed the device without sharp internal surfaces or crevices to help lessen grime build up inside the machine.

Committed to making this mop as hygienic as possible, Dyson said the WashG1 features a “self-cleaning mode” which can be initiated after use, saturating both rollers with clean water on the highest boost setting, flushing the entire system in preparation for the next clean.

Floors can be one of the biggest hiding places for bacteria and microbes and conventional mops are also known breeding grounds for germs.

During use, the WashG1 has three different “hydration controls”, allowing owners to select the level of hydration required based on debris type, flooring, or personal preference.

“The low, medium, and high modes each run continuously once selected, to provide increased levels of hydration respectively,” Dyson explained.

“A separate boost mode button purges each roller with the maximum amount of hydration when pressed, for removal of stubborn dirt and dried on stains.”

The device does not require hot water or detergent to be effective, with Dyson warning those who choose to add cleaning products to the water to follow directions correctly to avoid damaging the WashG1.

The product launches in Australia, with consumers able to buy it direct from the brand’s website, on May 14.

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