Duct tape bikini model reveals dad encouraged her to walk in X-rated G-string runway show

A model who walked a catwalk wearing nothing but tape has opened up about how her dad encouraged her to do the eye-popping show.

Savannah Suarez, from New Jersey, took the runway for the Black Tape Project’s show at New York Fashion Week earlier this month, The Sun reports.

The project first hit the runway in 2018, leaving audiences shocked as cuffs and anklets were made out of the tape, as well as nipple coverings and G-strings.

This year, daring pictures showed a new set of models taking on the show with even less tape over their modesty.

Ms Suarez modelled for the brand for a third time this year, and revealed it was her dad who first introduced her to the concept.

“My dad had actually seen one of the articles that came out about Miami Swim Week a few years ago and he sent it to me and he was like, ‘If you got this opportunity, would you do it?’” she told the Daily Star.

Ms Suarez claims she was reluctant to take part at first due to the “negative terms” associated with the racy looks.

However, her parents helped to change her mind and she quickly came on board.

“I really sat for a second and talked about it with my parents who are my biggest support system, and I was like, ‘Wait, it’s showing the same amount of skin as a bikini, there’s nothing different other than the fact that it’s tape’,” she said.

Ms Suarez, who owns her own swimwear brand, said that not only are her parents “so supportive” of her modelling, but also her grandparents, too.

And her “open-minded” dad even came to watch her first show, with her mum attending her second.

“I know it’s rare. Every time I tell someone my dad came to my show they’re like, ‘Your dad came?!’ But I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m very grateful,” she said.

The Black Tape Project is the brain child of Joel Alvarez, the self-dubbed “king of tape”, and Ms Suarez said he comes up with his designs “in the moment”.

She said that each woman gets a “p***y patch”, which is a “piece of tape that you put on your private area yourself”.

Thankfully, it doesn’t hurt to remove the tape after the catwalk. She added that they use oil and lotion before the show, which helps with the pain once they come to pull the tape off.

However, if you are “more hairy” it can hurt more.

In 2023 at Miami Swim Week, many of the models had shimmering, metallic pieces of tape placed in geometrical patterns over their stomach and breasts.

Others were given just a leaf-shaped patch of tape to cover their intimate areas.

One model could even be seen with decorative chains draped across her stomach and chest.

No matter what you think of his work, Mr Alvarez is raking in cash with The Black Tape Project – booking him for a live performance will set you back £42,000 ($80,920).

A personal taping session and photo shoot with him will cost you anywhere between £380 ($732) and £765 ($1474), the New York Post has reported.

If you are particularly committed to experimenting with this sort of ‘outfit,’ he also hosts seminars which teach participants how to create his mind-boggling and eye-popping styles.

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission

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