Draconia Saga a new monster collector RPG opens for closed beta tests in the SEA region

Draconia Saga is a new adventure RPG brought to you by Sugarfun Games. Draconia Saga is now available for pre-registration in the Southeast Asian region, with the devs also rolling out closed beta tests, scheduled to take place from May 16th. The game is currently taking pre-orders for iOS, while there is no information as of now regarding an Android release.

Draconia Saga will allow you to train your wild beasts as you hunt down the dragons in an epic adventure

The game, Draconia Saga will revolve around hunting dragons and saving the continent from the threat that the monsters pose. However, you will not be doing that deed alone, as you will be accompanied by your pets whom you will train for a fight against the dragons, you will also be accompanied by fellow dragon hunters in the form of other players in the game for better firepower against the dragons.

Your pets are not just ordinary pets, they can be utilized in a lot of other ways as well apart from fights and battles. They can be used for farming, collecting resources, managing the consumption of resources and many other ways helpful for you to build your community from scratch. You can explore the continent with them, clear out dungeons, and even fish alongside them.

Draconia Saga pre-registration, Draconia Saga
Image via Sugarfun Games

The gameplay offers a diverse range of options for you to explore, you can either continue with the storyline and hunt down dragons, or you can also explore the lore and complete other community and clan quests alongside fellow dragon hunters in the game. There are plenty of dungeons in the game for you to explore and hone your skills in battle. Pets not only help you in battle but also offer a variety of tactical combinations to explore, as more new pets you collect, the more diverse your approach to battle can become.

Players from the SEA region can start preparing to train their monsters for battle

The game, Draconia Saga is now available for pre-registration in the SEA region and will start a round of closed beta tests from May 16th. If you are eligible for the same, make sure to sign up for the CBT and pre-order for the game via the App Store. The developers are yet to share any info regarding a global launch.

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