‘Don’t know’: Aussie baffled by British greeting

An Aussie woman living in the UK has shared a video of all the differences between the two countries, revealing the one thing she doesn’t know how to answer.

Kate Heaslip, 22, moved to Manchester with a friend in December with the hopes of staying for around five months.

Since moving to the major city she has noticed just how different the UK is to Australia, especially when it comes to greetings and accents.

“‘Where we would say ‘Hello, how are you?’ they would say ‘You alright?’ or ‘Are you okay?’” Kate said in a TikTok that has amassed more than 25,000 views.

Admittedly, she said she just “doesn’t know how to answer that”.

The 22-year-old was also left baffled by the variety of accents in the UK.

“This is one thing I find really fascinating. In Australia, everyone apart from the east coast, basically sounds the exact same,” she said.

“Some people have more of an Aussie accent but it’s basically the same around the whole country”.

“You go down the road two kilometres and someone has a completely different accent,” she said about Brits.

Kate, who recorded the clip while on a train, also expressed her disappointment when it comes to the lack of seasoning, mainly on hot chips.

“They don’t salt their chips. None of the chips in any food places have salt on them, especially chicken salt …”

Fellow Aussies swarmed the comments section of her TikTok also pointing out the lack of seasoning.

“I’m a kiwi in Ireland and the salt thing is the same here!!! WHAT DO THESE PEOPLE HAVE AGAINST SEASONING,” one person joked.

“I was in London last week and got fish and chips and it had no salttt,” another shocked expat wrote.

A third added: “Oh my god, the no salt on their chips. The whole time in Europe I just wanted chicken salt on chips.”

Another big difference Kate pointed out was the way Brits walk down the street, without sticking to one side.

“When you’re walking down the street, this one annoys Sarah (friend), no one sticks to the left and the right,” she explained, adding it should always be “left” and people should “stick to their left”.

One person commented that it’s a “London thing” and that they “stick left in Manchester”.

“I can tell you first hand they absolutely do not hahaha I’m dodging all day long,” Kate argued back.

Her other gripe was towards the size of soft drinks, and how a can is 330ml instead of 375ml.

“Which isn’t a big difference but it’s the difference in the last sip once you finish your food’. She joked that it “kills her every time”.

When it came to the weather she was surprised that it wasn’t as cold as fellow tourists make it out to be.

“It is freezing sometimes but I thought I was gonna need more coats. It might get cold actually, I’m not gonna jinx that,” she said.

Kate said despite all the differences she loves it in the UK.

“The differences are really weird but that’s the coolest part, is seeing what’s different about here and home and I love it,” she added.

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