Devon snack pack in an air fryer: how to make this tasty late-night feed

Snack packs (also known as HSPs) are undeniably a quintessential part of takeaway culture Down Under.

For some, a late night out doesn’t feel complete without a cardboard container filled with piping hot chips, shaved meat, and an ultra-generous topping of sauce (garlic sauce, barbecue sauce, and chilli sauce only!).

But now, there’s actually a way to recreate the classic at home in your trusty air fryer … but it stars an infamous and super controversial deli meat.

THAT viral Devon snack pack

It all started when @kookingwithakoori shared a life-changing fast food hack on TikTok.

With just luncheon meat, store-bought hot chips and a few sauces, he proved that you can create a snack pack (almost) just as good as your local kebab store.

Taste has taken this game-changing idea to a new level, and created its very own cheesy variation, with … you guessed it, an air fryer.

So we challenged’s expert recipe creator Tiffany Page to give this snack pack a crack, and what she created is worthy of a chef’s kiss.


What does the snack pack taste like?

It’s like taking a step back in time and enjoying a trip to the kebab shop without having to leave the house.

If you haven’t already tried hot chips in your air fryer, they are infinitely better than oven fries. They’re literally as crispy as if you had plunged them into a deep fat fryer.

Another benefit to making it yourself is that you can make them as cheesy as you like (very cheesy!)

Top tips

Don’t skip the mozzarella

You can use other cheeses, such as Italian, Mexican or 3-cheese blend. But you MUST make sure there’s mozzarella in the mix so that you get that delectable cheese pull.

Don’t chop the Devon

The meat has to be in thin slices to achieve maximum crispy edges. If you cut it into chunks, it won’t have the same effect. We used a potato peeler to achieve those classic kebab slices.

Get saucy

You can substitute the BBQ sauce for chilli if you like things spicy. Or enjoy all three.

Foil up

Make sure you use foil because otherwise the cheese will all slip off the chips and end up in a puddle in your air fryer bowl. This would be a tragedy …

A note from our expert foodies

Some people have reported cheese disasters in their air fryer, with the cheese flying off and hitting the heat element.

To avoid this, when you add the cheese, simply close your air fryer and give it 10 seconds or so to start melting in the residual heat before you start your two minute cooking time.

Is it called Devon or Polony?

Often a hot topic of debate, is this burning question: Devon the same thing as Polony? Yes, it’s actually the same product, but is coined a different name in different Aussie states.

For those of us in NSW, Victoria, Tassie and Queensland, it’s Devon, but those in Western Australia call it polony.

But apparently, there’s a third contender, with South Australians calling the deli meat ‘fritz’.

What is Devon made of?

Usually made by blending a variety of cuts of pork, basic spices, and a binder, until super smooth, Devon is a cheap, budget-friendly, and super popular retro sandwich filling (best served with tomato sauce).

What’s the difference between Devon and Mortadella?

Devon and mortadella aren’t exactly the same product, but it’s fair to categorise them as cousins.

Both deli meats share the same pink colour, a similar texture, and are both made by smoothly blending meat, fat, salt and spices.

However, mortadella’s recognisable spotty appearance is thanks to the cubes of fat, olives, or occasionally pistachios added to the mixture. So, it’s pretty much a boujee version of Devon.

For more recipe ideas, go to or check out the Taste Test Kitchen now.

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