Demian Saga brings a new hero Fate and in-game content in its September 2023 update

Mobile game company HAEGIN has announced the release of the new SSR Grade Hero “Fate” for its mobile RPG Demian Saga in the September 2023 update. 

Meet ‘Fate,’ the enigmatic elf assassin of Everwood in Demian Saga

Despite her calm and composed exterior, the elf renowned as “Fate,” distinguished by her stunning blonde locks, operates as a top-tier assassin within the covert ranks of “Everwood.” An arduous journey, pivotal in shaping the fate of her nation, unfolds when the Fairy Queen of Everwood entrusts her with the mission of eliminating those who pose a threat to “Palantina,” the revered tree.

Armed with an imposing crossbow capable of launching precise and swift projectiles, Fate boasts an impressive skill set that includes the ability to strike nearby targets with arrows that penetrate with precision, as well as the exceptional capacity to simultaneously fire five arrows at distinct objectives. Keep a vigilant eye on her Ultimate ability, where she unleashes a detonating arrow onto a designated area, delivering a sweeping assault on multiple adversaries—an ability not to be underestimated.

In this update, there is also the addition of a “Reset” feature, which enables players to reset the Talent levels of their Heroes and Soul Gears. Both Talent and Soul Gear Reset Tickets can be acquired from the Exchange Shop, providing a means to recover the currencies invested in enhancing Heroes.

Celebrate Fate’s arrival in Demian Saga with a special quest and time-limited event

Meanwhile, the game Demian Saga has introduced a special quest to commemorate the inclusion of “Fate” and a time-limited event that offers players an opportunity to acquire the newly introduced Hero. Furthermore, players have the chance to engage in the “Best Match for an Assassin” event via the official community by posting a message about the new Hero. This community event will run until October 5th and will reward selected winners with 4 Free Contracts and 100,000 Skill Powders.

The updates don’t stop there, as Demian Saga also hosts an event designed to welcome back returning players. Those eligible can participate by logging into the game, where they can claim rewards for a total of 7 days, including accumulated auto combat rewards, Skill Powders, Gold, Hero EXP, Talent Stones, Engraved Stones, and more. Additionally, returning players will enjoy special membership benefits, including an increase in auto-combat attempts and Fractured Night vanquish attempts, all available for a total of 7 days upon their return.

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