Dead body of Frederick Morello found in Florida man’s front yard after skydiving accident

A skydiver’s body has been discovered on the front lawn of a residential home, with a haunting online post and CCTV of his horror fall now emerging.

Frederick Morello, 69, an experienced skydiver and lawyer, was found still wearing a parachute outside a house in Titusville, Florida.

Social media posts suggest that he adored the extreme sport, often sharing pictures of himself leaping out of aeroplanes.

In a section entitled “Fred’s Passion,” he alluded to his thrillseeking nature.

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away,” reads a chilling quote on the page, followed by dozens of images of himself skydiving.

Local man James Sconiers told News 6 that the man landed in his front yard.

“I was asking the person that was laying on the ground, ‘Hey man can you hear me, can you hear me?’ But he did not answer,” Sconiers told the station.

The frightening moment the skydiver fell to his death was caught on CCTV, with the reflection of Morello seen in the reflection of a car’s rear window.

He added that Morello bounced off the ground “like a basketball” before coming to a rest.

Nicole Lacount told WKMG that when she heard a fire truck and ambulance, she went outside of her aunt’s house and saw the man on the ground.

Other witnesses said Morello’s parachute had been fully deployed before impact, but that he still landed at a high rate of speed.

She added that Morello’s body was in a grisly state.

“I work in the medical field, and that’s the worst I have ever seen.” she said.

Another skydiver said she knew Morello for more than 20 years and called him “the most safety-conscious person” she ever met.

Police revealed he was found just about a block away from the Arthur Dunn Airpark, which is home to the Skydive Space Centre.

It is unclear if the man was skydiving alone or with others.

Earlier this year, Australian skydiver Melissa Porter tragically died after an accident occurred during her jump.

Its understood that Ms Porter was testing out a new skydiving technique when she passed away.

Witnesses told investigators the 29-year-old’s parachute deployed but she had a hard landing on the property into a shallow body of water.

She apparently attempted an “advanced landing manoeuvre” too close to the ground for a safe landing.

Ms Porter, who is from Perth, was taken to hospital but pronounced dead.

The skydiving community has flooded social media with tributes.

“Mel was a magical person who touched the hearts of many people in the 40 countries she visited in her 29 years,” friend Nicholas Lott said on social media.

“She had finally found a place that felt like home here in Texas, but unfortunately she wasn‘t able to stay as long as any of us would have hoped.

“Those close to her have found great solace in the fact that she passed doing what she truly loved.”

“The level of love you gave that helped me through some of my darkest times, I would not be who I am if not for you being there for me,” another friend said.

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