Creme Egg Tub: ‘Never-before-seen’ Cadbury ice cream launches in Australia at Coles

Cadbury has released a new Creme Egg product for the first time ever in Australia, launching the $12 item in Coles stores nationwide.

The confectionary brand has partnered with Peters to create the “Creme Egg Tub”, a “never-before-seen” variation of the cult Easter treat, made of vanilla ice cream swirled with Cadbury chocolate pieces and a “gooey” fondant centre.

While it has only just hit Australian shelves, some Coles shoppers have already managed to get their hands on the limited-edition tubs, and are describing it as the “best ice cream you’ll ever eat from a supermarket”.

Melbourne food blogger @angeeats took to TikTok to state he “loves” the classic Easter egg version and described the ice cream variation as “delicious”.

“You need to try this guys, it’s delicious,” he said.

“You won’t be disappointed.”

The popular foodie wasn’t the only one loving the new limited-edition pint, with hordes of other food fans sharing their thoughts on the new Coles addition.

“I ABSOLUTELY love Creme Egg so this is a yes from me,” food reviewer Nick Vavitis shared, adding he was of those people who believe the seasonal chocolate should be sold “all year round”.

Nick then proceeds to open the tub, becoming “excited” when he sees the signature orange fondant in the centre.

“There is no way it is going to be bad when you can already see the core sticking out,” he states in the video.

“They have nailed this, this might be one of my favourite ice creams from Cadbury.”

One woman, who posts under the handle @thedouque, shared a video after buying the tub, and captioned the clip: “Not mad that they brought this out 3 months before Easter.”

Cadbury said almost 6 million Creme Eggs are sold every year in Australia, which had inspired the brand to create a “never-before-seen” variation of the cult Easter treat with Peters.

“We know Aussies are obsessed with Creme Egg when it returns to the supermarket every year, and who can blame them,” Andrea Hamori, Head of Marketing at Peters Ice Cream, told

“The sweet gooeyness that only a Creme Egg can deliver is irresistible to Aussies looking for a fun Easter snack.”

Alongside the new creme-filled tubs, Cadbury and Peters said the Creme Egg Sticks – which retail for $9.50 in Coles – were “back by popular demand”.

“Knowing the scale of their popularity makes releasing this Creme Egg frozen duo in the lead up to Easter that much sweeter,” Hamori said.

Reaction to the new Cadbury Creme Egg products on social media has been huge, with videos featuring the ice cream treats already clocking up hundreds of thousands of views from elated Aussies.

“Oh my goodness it looks so good! I don’t think I could hold myself back if I bought it,” one commented.

“I want this so so badly,” another agreed.

While heaps of Canadians and Americans jumped in to plead for the ice cream to launch in their home countries.

“I have never been more jealous of anyone in my life,” one wrote.

“OMG!! We need this in the USA!!” another declared.

“Crying in Canada,” someone else added.

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