Cozy Islands – craft & build is a building simulation game now available in early access for Android in the US

Cozy Islands – craft & build is a building and farming simulation game currently available as early access for Android in the United States. Cozy Islands is developed and provided by Tetrox Limited. This game invites you to embark on a nostalgic journey to rebuild the village of your childhood dreams. This immersive experience promises a mix of adventure, travel, crafting, and building, allowing you to build a cozy island haven from the ground up.

Explore, renovate, and build your dream village in Cozy Islands

Cozy Islands, set on an empty plot overgrown with trees and scattered stones, allows you to express your creativity by building a charming village from the ground up. The game’s excellent mechanics enable you to build and renovate each house step by step, making the experience both engaging and rewarding.

Cozy Islands craft build early access
Image via Tetrox Limited

The delightful aesthetics of the game contribute to the warm atmosphere and friendly environment, creating a virtual haven for players to escape the daily routine of city life. The thrills don’t stop there; players can also explore nearby mystery islands, each with its own unique autogenerated location, adding an element of surprise and discovery.

One of Cozy Islands’ standout features is the opportunity to travel and explore other cultures based on real-world experiences. Meet endearing characters and make friends with villagers seeking a peaceful respite from the daily routine of city life. As if that weren’t enough, each player can have their own adorable companion pet to accompany them on their daily tasks.

Players from the US can start building their dream village in Cozy Islands

Cozy Islands is more than just a gaming experience; it is a haven for creativity, relaxation, and nostalgia. Cozy Islands promises a warm and pleasant escape from reality, whether you’re designing your dream island, building unique houses, or forming bonds with virtual villagers.

This game is currently available for Android users from the United States to download from the Google Play Store. The devs are yet to announce an official date for the iOS release or the Global release date, so players will have to wait a little longer to obtain the game and keep an eye out for official news.

Are you excited as Cozy Islands – craft & build enters early access for Android in the US? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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