Courtney Ward’s TikTok engagement video divides internet snatched her engagement ring from its box mid-proposal

She knew what she wanted, so she reached out and grabbed it.

Bride-to-be Courtney Ward has received backlash for snatching her engagement ring out of the box before her fiance could even utter the words: “Will you marry me?”

In the 8-second TikTok, which has clocked up over 1.9 million views, the eager woman, 29, did not hesitate to grab the ring and place it on her finger while her man still professed his love on one knee.

“No one, absolutely no one,” the clip overlay text read. “Me: takes the engagement ring and puts it on while he’s still talking.”

Ward’s fiance Stephen proposed among tropical scenery in San Diego, California, with white block letters spelling out “Will you marry me?”

The resident of Phoenix, Arizona, knew she had a bizarre reaction to the romantic event, so she posted the TikTok clip using background audio filled with laughter, saying, “Oh no, no, no.”

“In my defence, it was so beautiful I had to put it on right then and there!” she captioned the video.

While she may have found the moment funny, many people called her response a “huge red flag.”

“Run sir,” pleaded one woman. “‘Yea she’s super entitled run brother run!”

“I know someone who did this … they got divorced in 5 months,” another disgruntled TikToker commented.

Ward addressed the nay-sayers in her comments, saying, “Some people are acting like I’m a horrible person for doing it … it was an immediate reaction.”

However, some brides can relate to Ward’s excitement that her man was finally putting a ring on it.

“My husband didn’t even get the words out lol I just stuck my hand out to him,” one person laughed.

“I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who did this hahah,” seconded another.

“The way you just went ‘I’ll take that thank you’,” joked a watcher. “If “about damn time” were a person.”

In a follow-up video, Ward reveals a close-up of the square cut diamond she’s stunting on her ring finger, which helped viewers understand her reaction to grabbing the ring.

“Okay, see why you blanked out. That’s Icey!,” commented a follower. “Dats a rock.”

Now, the newly engaged couple is focused on planning their 2024 dream wedding.

This story originally appeared on the New York Post and is republished here with permission.

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