Country singer Gabby Barrett has been slammed for revealing that she’s turned down career opportunities out of respect for her husban

Country singer Gabby Barrett has been slammed for revealing that she’s turned down career opportunities out of respect for her husband, fellow singer Cade Foehner.

Barrett, 23, met Foehner in 2018 when they were both contestants on American Idol; the couple got married in 2019 and now share two children.

While both had explored their musical options after the show, Barrett has had a much more successful career and has dropped an album and released a hit song, I Hope, that snagged a top three spot on the Billboard charts and went seven times platinum.

Despite her success, the young singer has revealed that her husband has the final say on her career and dictates what she can and can’t do.

The singer appeared on the podcast Unexpected with Hannah Love and said she’d turned down duet opportunities to keep her husband happy.

While she wouldn’t reveal the specific songs she’d passed on, she did share they were big opportunities, but ultimately, she listened to what her husband wanted and didn’t want to make him uncomfortable.

The country singer elaborated that the couple felt certain songs were not “appropriate” because of the lyrics.

“When you accept a song, there are obligations that go along with it. You could sing it on award shows together; you might be doing interviews together. What does that look like on the stage? What does that dynamic look like? If I’m singing with another man, is that going to make my husband uncomfortable? Probably,” she said.

Barrett explained that she respected her husband so much and wasn’t prepared to do anything that made him uncomfortable, even if it benefited her own career.

“I respect him and love him so much that I’m not going to jeopardise my marriage to do a duet with somebody, you know? Like, I care about this a lot more, and I pray and hope and know that God will bless my efforts in trying to keep my marriage straight, and not just for a duet or whatever it is,” she admitted.

Barrett’s marriage confession was met with mixed feelings, some praising it and others finding it ridiculous.

Someone said her marriage was a “joke” if she’s not allowed to collaborate with the opposite sex. While another claimed the whole thing was just “bizarre” and advised the singer to separate her work and personal life.

Another commented and said the singer’s comments made her “sad” because she hates seeing women dim their light because of their “insecure” partners. Similarly, another posted a lengthy comment where they told Barrett her husband’s boundaries were not “normal.”

Someone said the request from Barrett’s husband was “gross”, and someone else said it was “cringe” to have to obey your husband.

While someone else wrote that Barrett would be even more “successful”, it was now clear her husband was holding her back.

Despite the backlash, plenty of people agreed that Barrett should only do what makes her husband comfortable when it comes to her career.

One wrote that she was being “wise”, another said listening to her husband made her a good “role model”, and someone else claimed that they “loved” the respect Barrett has for her husband.

“Why would you want a career or position on life that doesn’t align with who you are and what you want in this life?” One asked.

Someone else claimed it was just an example of respecting your partner’s “feelings,” and one said that there was nothing wrong with her husband’s having boundaries.

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