Cookies and Cream mud cake returns to Woolworths

A cult-like flavour of the iconic baked good is returning to Woolworths once again – but it is only available for a limited time.

Woolies’ Limited Edition Cookies and Cream Mud Cake has reappeared on shelves around the country with a price tag of $7 after first hitting supermarkets in June 2020.

Nick Vavitis, the man behind brownie company Choclt that is also stocked at Woolworths, took to Instagram to share his excitement over the returning flavour.

“Woolies has given us an Oreo mudrake, and this literally makes the perfect Valentine’s Day partner,” he said.

“Have you ever been sad eating an Oreo cake?”

He said the cake smells like “one giant Oreo” and even said there were smashed biscuits on top of the white icing, which was a “good sign”.

The Melbourne-based foodie also commented there were loads of cookie pieces inside the cake.

After taking a huge bite out of the side of the beloved dessert, he said it was “very sweet”.

“If you love the middle of the Oreo, you will love this … it’s a big yes from me,” he said.

“It does need more biscuits in the middle or the top. I’m getting a lot of cream flavour but not enough cookie flavour.”

The influencer wasn’t the only one who was over the moon with the return of the Cookies and Cream Mud Cake from Woolworths.

“OMG that’s got to be literal heaven,” one enthusiastic Instagram user commented.

Another conceded: “Guess I’ll be eating that for Valentine’s Day.”

“Woolies are the kings of supermarket baked goods at the moment,” one social media user commented on Nick’s clip.

Another said they were stoked because they had tried the cake while at work.

“Yes, you can have your cake and eat it too – Our Cookies and Cream Mud Cake is back in stores nationwide for a limited time only,” a Woolworths spokesperson told

“Our Cookies and Cream Mud Cake is handcrafted with a white chocolate mud cake base, finished with smooth white chocolate ganache and crumble cookie pieces.”

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