Condell Park dog attack: Staffy euthanised after attacking woman at home,

A dog has been euthanised after it violently mauled a woman at a western Sydney home, leaving her with serious injuries to her upper body.

The woman in her 30s was attacked by an american staffordshire terrier – commonly known as a staffy – inside a home on Warburton St in Condell Park about 12.50pm on Tuesday.

She suffered “multiple bite” wounds to her chest and limbs and was rushed to Liverpool Hospital in a serious but stable condition.

A City of Canterbury Bankstown spokesperson confirmed the dog was euthanised on Tuesday night after it was found it could not be rehabilitated.

“Following the incident, the dog was willingly surrendered to council by the owners to prevent further harm and was transported to a holding facility,” the spokesperson said.

“After assessing the dog, it is clear it could not be rehabilitated and has since been euthanised.”

At the scene, police decided it was necessary to use a Taser to subdue the dog as it continued to behave aggressively and was not letting go of the woman.

Witnesses said the woman could be heard screaming and a group of tradies working on a house next door ran to her aid.

Distressing footage also showed two police officers standing behind a wall while others yelled at them to “do something”.

“It needs to stop now, you’ve got to get her out of there, mate,” a tradie yelled from over the fence.

A shot from the Taser was heard seconds later as the dog shrieked and yelped in distress.

Another man could be heard shouting “where’s the ambulance” while police officers tried to calm the dog on the veranda.

Emergency crews arrived shortly after.

“Bystanders attempted to intervene before police from Bankstown Police Area Command discharged a Taser to stop the attack,” a police spokesperson said.

“The dog has been secured by a dog handler.”

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