Coles, Woolies, ALDI, McCain taste test: Best supermarket pizza crowned

It’s a food debate that could divide Aussies, what’s the best frozen pizza?

You may ask: “Why buy a frozen pizza when you can order from Pizza Hut or Dominos?”

The answer: affordability.

Earlier this year, a study from Finder found that 71 per cent of people had changed their eating habits due to the rising cost of living crisis.

The research also indicated that 47 per cent of Aussies had cut back on takeaway and fast foods in an attempt to control spending.

Here at, we are always keen to help, so we’ve road tested the best supermarket frozen pizzas for your reading (and eating) pleasure.


Price: $4.49

First up was Aldi, the cheapest of all the pizzas.

To my surprise, it was delicious and generously topped with BBQ sauce, mozzarella, ham, bacon and beef. It had a very crispy base and a tasty sauce.

Aldi’s meatlovers pizza ticked all the right boxes.


Price: $8.50

Second was McCain, the most expensive out of the four.

Another surprise that came to my attention was how it looked and tasted exactly the same as the Aldi version.

Topped with mozzarella, a mix of “mildly spiced’ meats and BBQ sauce, McCain had the same balanced ratio of meat, cheese and sauce as Aldi.


Price: $5.00

Next was Woolworths, which was the worst we tested.

The pizza was very doughy even though I cooked it in the oven for 13 minutes as instructed. It tasted like the food had not been cooked properly.

Unlike Aldi and McCain, the Woolworths version has a tomato sauce and a hint of onion.

Despite its low price, this pizza is worth avoiding.


Price: $5.00

Lastly was Coles, a disappointing take on meatlovers.

While it had a nice thin base and cooked better than Coles, the pizza was a let down.

Advertised as topped with BBQ sauce, mozzarella, ham, bacon and beef, the pizza tasted more like a cheese and bacon roll.

Compared to Aldi and McCain, Coles had tasted like it had less meat.

Definitely worth a miss.

As for the journalists, they had some interesting feedback.

Reporter Bucky stepped up to the plate (literally speaking) and sampled all four pizzas.

Not knowing which brand was which, he thought the “crap” pizza was Aldi when in fact it was Coles.

He identified McCain as the best pizza, unbeknown to him it was actually Aldi.

Content Creator Claudia also tasted all the pizzas and correctly identified the Aldi one. She said it was her favourite.


Hands down, the winner of the slice wars goes Aldi. It’s delicious and generous with the toppings.

Unlike with other supermarket pizzas, It’s crispy and the base is cooked well. Definitely bang for your buck.

Rating: Aldi – 9/10

McCain – 8/10

Woolworths – 1/10

Coles – 3/10

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