Coles shopper’s interaction reveals little-known self checkout rule

A shopper has been left a little confused over an interaction with a Coles worker at a self-serve checkout as she tried to purchase a carton of mineral water.

Teya was at her local Coles and using the self-service check-outs with the conveyor belt to make her transaction.

Her shopping included a carton of mineral water but when she went to scan it a staff member intervened.

“I was like, ‘Nah it’s fine, I am in the self checkout, I will do it myself’,” Teya recounted.

But the Coles employee insisted Teya scan the bulky item first, leaving her confused about the request.

“It’s a bit weird,” she said, before asking her social media following what the reason may have been.

Many ex-employees of the supermarket giant jumped into the comment section to explain.

“As an ex-Coles service employee, it’s because bulk items are their highest stolen items,” one social media user said.

“Even at the normal registers they’ll ask you if you have any bulk items first. It’s hard on workers (who) get abused by customers for things beyond their control. We didn’t implement it, we just work there.”

One social media user added: “Because bulk items are the highest stolen items.”

Another said: “I had same experience recently with toilet paper. Attendant told me new rules, as these items were the most NOT scanned.”

A spokesperson from Coles told that the supermarket’s staff were always looking for ways to provide exceptional customer service.

“Our team members are always encouraged to help our customers where possible,” the spokesperson said.

“Where a customer has certain items, this may include bulky or heavy items, our team will offer to assist them in scanning the items when checking out.

“This is all about providing great service to our customers and helping them get through the check-outs quickly and efficiently.”

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