COD Warzone Mobile hits nearly 1.5 million downloads and earns over $200k in revenue on day one

COD Warzone Mobile, was probably one of the most awaited mobile gaming titles this year. Activision’s famous battle royale was expected to get a grand launch upon arrival and so it had done, despite getting poor reception and reviews from the fans, the game, COD Warzone Mobile managed to hit nearly 1.5 million downloads and subsequently, earned $216k in revenue at the end of day one.

COD Warzone Mobile’s day-one performance despite getting bad reviews reflects the high expectations players had from Activision

The game has just been launched, thus a lot of things can be changed around, still, the expectations from Activision’s new battle royale were very high given the success it had with the PC and other consoles.

While players expected a sort of similar experience on mobile phones, they have largely been disappointed with how the game has panned out to be. Despite such disappointments, the game shows fair numbers it registered on day one with 1.5 million downloads and $216k in revenue, shows data from AppMagic.

COD Warzone Mobile revenue day one, COD Warzone Mobile
Image via GamingonPhone / AppMagic

Coming to its performance and review, not much can be praised about it. Now while, comparing it with the PC and console versions of Warzone will be an injustice due to hardware and performance differences, comparing it with COD Mobile would be a justified deed to do.

Even while comparing it with COD Mobile, COD Warzone Mobile loses out on multiple fronts, the first and foremost being the graphics and performance. Warzone Mobile despite having a decent amount of time for development fails to compete with even COD Mobile’s battle royale mode, which in fans’ opinion had better graphics rendering and performance in terms of gameplay. GamingonPhone’s social account took detailed reviews from fans, just in case you want to read diverse perspectives.

As expected the game got review bombed on Google Play and at the time of writing this, Warzone Mobile had a terrible reception across countries with around 150k total number of reviews. I looked at the major mobile gaming markets and the results look like this

  • In the United States, Warzone Mobile is rated 3.1
  • In the United Kindom, Warzone Mobile is rated 2.8
  • In India, Warzone Mobile is rated 2.1
  • In the Philippines, Warzone Mobile is rated 2.3
  • In Japan, Warzone Mobile is rated 2.5
  • In Korea, Warzone Mobile is rated 2.8
Warzone Mobile review, Warzone Mobile google play review, warzone mobile
Image via Google Play / GamingonPhone

The real reason behind such low ratings on Google Play has to be the performance, the game is not at all optimized for lower or even middle-tier devices and seems to work fine in very high-end ones, particularly on Snapdragon 8 Gen processors. This has hindered the gaming experience for many in the game and thus has earned Warzone Mobile a low rating despite doing well in download statistics.

iOS app store ratings on the other hand seem to be in a much better situation with ratings varying from 3.7 to 44 across countries with around 2000 total reviews. I have tested the game on different devices including devices with Snapdragon 888 and Spandragon 8 gen 2 processors and iPad Pro M1. Based on my experience, I can relate to why mobile gamers are so upset with this game. Even Tencent’s Arena Breakout and NetEase Games’ Blood Strike are trolling Warzone Mobile for its performance issues.

Things could improve for Warzone Mobile in the future

This is not the first time Activision has failed to deliver, earlier Warzone 2 for PC and Consoles also got a rusty start on release, however, with later updates, the game saw some improvements in optimization and graphics rendering.

The same could be true for Warzone Mobile, with the game as of now struggling to get positive reviews from the fans. The game as of now looks far from ready and would need some serious developments, especially in the graphics and performance department to make it more optimized for lower and middle-end devices.

It would be interesting to see, how and if Activision can turn the tide around and gain back the trust of players who were expecting a similar experience as of Warzone on PC and Consoles. In terms of raw numbers, the game, COD Warzone Mobile is doing fine, although the revenue could have been better for a AAA title like this. But it still shows that the game has a market for itself, it’s just the performance that needs to be fixed for the game, which should be the priority of Activision right now.

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