Clash Royale Season 55 ‘Valhalla’ January 2024 Update and Balance Changes

A new season of Clash Royale has now arrived following the monthly tradition that fans eagerly await as Season 55 brings exciting rewards and content for players to enjoy. As part of the Card Evolutions, we have the Valkyrie Evolution card, along with a new Tower Troop in the form of The Cannoneer. So, in this article, let us look into what Clash Royale Season 55 January 2024 Update has to offer in terms of new skins, emotes, rewards, and more.

Clash Royale Season 55 Valhalla January 2024 Update Overview

New Tower Troop: The Cannoneer

Season 55 introduces the Cannoneer, the first Tower Troop set to replace the Tower Princess. As an Epic rarity Tower Troop, the Cannoneer boasts a massive metal cannon capable of targeting both air and ground troops. While it has a slower hit speed, its considerable damage output, almost four times that of a Tower Princess arrow, positions it as a formidable defender against large troops.

Clash Royale Cannoneer
Image via Supercell

Comparing the Cannoneer directly with the Tower Princess, we observe a 14% reduction in hit points (HP). However, the increase in total damage per second (DPS) by 29% suggests it has more defensive capabilities. The slower hit speed, though, poses a challenge when facing swarmy troops, so he might be vulnerable against cards such as Bats, Skeleton Army, and a few similar ones.

New Card Evolution: Valkyrie

In Clash Royale, the 11th evolution card arrives in the form of the Valkyrie. Valkyrie needs two cycles to activate the evolution, meaning every third deployment results in an evolved Valkyrie. Also, it is the first Clash Royale as the first card with the ability to evolve which is not of common rarity. Valkyrie introduces rare evolution shards, slightly more valuable than their common counterparts but not significantly different in exchange value.

Clash Royale Valkyrie Evolution
Image via Supercell

Valkyrie’s evolved version introduces a unique ability called Spin Wind, adding a ‘captivating spinning‘ twist to its attacks. When the evolved Valkyrie swings her axe at a ground target, she creates a small tornado that draws opponent troops towards her while dealing additional damage. This tornado effect affects both ground and air troops, making Valkyrie’s evolved form versatile.

New Tower Skins

In this update, one new Tower Skin has been officially confirmed that can be acquired either through the Pass Royale. The Longboat tower skin is unlocked at Tier 48 of the Gold Tier in Pass Royale.

Emotes and Banners

Once again, six new emotes will be coming. All the new emotes will be based on the Cannoneer theme as well as the new Evolution Card. We will only have 2 Banners for Diamond Pass Royale owners, 8 in the Banner Box, 2 free from Community Challenges, and not any in the Season Shop.

Season Shop and Card Boosts

The Season Shop has a decent amount of rewards on offer, which can be obtained by exchanging season tokens. Along with the cards on offer, banners and emotes are also worthwhile investments, as we have cards in Valkyrie, Zappies, Three Musketeers, and Battle Healer available in the Season Shop for 500 tokens apiece. Wild Shards will also make an appearance in the shop for 6000 tokens.

Clash Royale Evolution Shards guide
Image via Supercell

Card Evolution enthusiasts can find Knight Shards in the Season Shop, which can be purchased thrice starting from 5,000 tokens which will add the same value to each purchase. Four cards have been picked for boost this time around Valkyrie, Zappies, Three Musketeers, and Battle Healer.

Balance Changes

There would be no balance changes mentioned for this season, but we might update this space if the new Evolution card becomes too heavy to handle!

What are your thoughts on the Clash Royale Season 55 ‘Valhalla’ January 2024 Update? Let us know in the comments below!

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